1. BUworks Chemistry Ordering Protocol
  2. Orders may be submitted in hard copy to the order bin in the front office using the fillable PDF document.
  3. 36-hour turnaround: The front office places most orders within 24 hours, many on the day the request is submitted. Furthermore, completed order forms are scanned and returned via e-mail. Please wait 36 hours before contacting Maria or Deana in the front office for details on your order’s whereabouts. Chances are that you’ll receive your confirmation before that.
  4. Quotations: All orders over $1000 must be accompanied by a price quotation from the vendor. The BU Purchasing Office handles all orders over $1000, and they require the price quote before processing the order. Please be sure to include the quote number on the requisition form. If you have questions about requesting a quotation from a vendor, speak to Maria or Deana.
  5. Universal sign-out: Everyone MUST sign out all packages picked up from the Chemistry stockroom (SCI 283). If a delivery isn’t recorded in the logbook, sign it in. A lot of time has been wasted looking for packages that arrived and left the stockroom without being signed in or out.
  6. Inquiries regarding specific orders should be directed to chemorde. To expedite your inquiry, please try to reference the requisition number.
  7. The front office provides basic supplies for Chemistry classes (paper, scissors, staples, pens, pencils, chalk, paper clips, dry erase markers and erasers, etc.) Please ask the front desk for access to these. Large or unusual requests can be ordered through Deana as described above. When starting or maintaining a lab, the PI should use their account and the PDF order form to maintain lab supplies such as paper, toner, gloves, etc. Deana is available to help with questions and advise on sources for purchasing.