Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering

If you have made a reservation and find you won’t be using the room, please contact the front desk and ask that they cancel it.

  • SCI 161 – Located near elevator and across from the Biochemistry instructional lab.
  • SCI 200B – This is the lounge at the north end of the atrium on the Physics side of 586/590. It is only accessible from the far side.
  • SCI 270D – Please Note – the use of this room is restricted to undergraduate course instructors.
  • SCI 294 – Please Note – graduate courses are given preference for this room; undergraduate courses may reserve it for discussion sections after graduate courses are scheduled.
  • SCI 296 Please Note – SCI 296A is not available for office hours or grading between 9:00 and 5:00 on weekdays.
  • SCI 344 – Small conference room outside Organic Instructional Labs. Seats 6-8.
  • SCI 512 – SCI 512 is NOT available for office hours or undergraduate course instruction. Exceptions must be requested through the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Director of Operations.

Life Science and Engineering Building

  • LSEB B01 (Auditorium) – Please Note – this room is partly controlled (Dennis Batista) and partly by the Registrar’s Office, which does not post classes on the Web Event Calendar. To book the room after 4:00pm, contact Dennis. Otherwise, contact the Registrar’s office.
  • LSEB 103 (1st Floor Conference Room) – Please Note – this room is managed by Biology. To book the room, contact Dennis Batista.
  • LSEB 704 – Seats up to 12. NB: This room is managed by Biology (Dennis Batista)
  • LSEB 804 – Seats up to 27.
  • LSEB 904 – Seats up to 12. NB: This room is managed by Bioinformatics (Caroline Lyman)
  • LSEB 1004 – Seats up to 12.