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The main focus of the Cueny group is organometallic chemistry and catalysis. Specifically, we are interested in solving challenges in sustainable chemistry by utilizing waste products of society (waste plastic and CO2) as the building blocks for the synthesis of commodity chemicals and novel materials. To accomplish these goals, the Cueny group will leverage cooperative catalytic strategies — transmetallation, metal-ligand cooperativity, and bimetallic complexes — to simultaneously enhance the selectivity and reactivity in these chemical transformations.

The Cueny group seeks excited and passionate students to pursue these research directions. However, the Cueny lab is an environment that both welcomes and encourages students to explore new research ideas and directions.

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Techniques & Resources

Researchers in the Cueny group will learn standard Schlenk line and glovebox techniques for the synthesis of oxygen- and water-sensitive inorganic and organometallic complexes. Researchers will also gain experience in conducting catalytic reactions and performing kinetic and mechanistic analysis of such catalytic reactions.

The Cueny group is new and still in the process of purchasing equipment, but plans are in the works for obtaining the following:

  • Two MBraun inert atmosphere double workstation gloveboxes and Schlenk lines for handling air-sensitive compounds along with a Solvent Purification System
  • CombiFlash automated flash column chromatography purification system
  • UV-vis/NIR spectrophotometer & spectro-elecetrochemistry setup
  • GC/MS for analysis of catalytic reactions

What’s Next for Graduates of the Cueny Group?

The Cueny group members will gain significant experience in the synthesis of inorganic and organometallic complexes, design of new catalysts for sustainable chemical transformations, and data analysis from catalytic reactions. These skills learned in the Cueny group will enable graduates to address questions at the interface of inorganic, organic, and materials chemistry and pursue opportunities in a variety of different fields.