Hub Cocurriculars

The BU Center on Forced Displacement offers opportunities for students to learn more through our Hub Cocurriculars, Forced Displacement Studies 1 (CC 193) and Forced Displacement Studies 2 (CC 194). Students can earn HUB credits and participate in discussions and mini-research projects related to the most challenging issues associated with migration and displacement. 

Forced Displacement Studies 1 (HUB CC 193) meets at an arranged time and students earn the HUB unit Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy. Forced Displacement Studies 2 (HUB CC 194) is also held at an arranged time, and students earn the HUB unit Individual in the Community.

*HUB CC 194 pre-req is HUB CC193.  If you have taken KHC HC302 or another class focused on forced displacement, you can contact Marina Lazetic at to appeal and be placed in Displacement Studies 2.