We’re proud to say that every issue of CFA magazine since the inaugural issue of CFA has been award-winning!

  • CFA magazine has won Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Grand Gold at CASE District Awards
  • CFA magazine Fall 2020 issue was awarded the highly-acclaimed Grand Gold at CASE Nationals
  • CFA magazine has also received SPD Awards, UCDA Awards, IHAF Awards, and a HATCH Award
  • CFA magazine was a finalist for the Robert Sibley Magazine of the Year

Read more about the specific award-winning issues of CFA magazine below.

CFA All-Time Awards


UCDA Design Awards

The UCDA Design Awards recognizes the best of the exceptional design and creative work done by communication professionals to promote educational institutions (secondary, vocational, or higher education) and supports the exchange of ideas and information relating to the unique role of these creatives.

  • CFA Magazine Winter 2023, Magazine – Complete Unit (Award: Excellence)
  • CFA Magazine Winter 2023, Magazine – Editorial Spread-Series of Spreads (Recognition: Honorable Mention)
      CASE Circle of Excellence

      Announced June 2023

      • CFA Magazine: Winter 2023, Design: Periodicals and Magazines (Gold)
      • CFA Magazine: Spring 2022, Design: Periodicals and Magazines (Gold)

      “This issue of CFA magazine stands out for its excellent use of typography, photography, and illustration. The work is simply beautiful and it’s evident that the designer has a great understanding of how to use the grid to create a visually appealing publication. What’s even more impressive is that each section is distinct, but still feels cohesive and not disjointed from the whole experience. The restrained use of illustration adds a nice touch and enhances the overall design.”


      CASE Circle of Excellence

      Announced June 23, 2022

      • CFA Magazine: Finalist for Robert Sibley Magazine of the Year
      • CFA Magazine Spring 2021 and Fall 2021, Design: Periodicals and Magazines (Gold)
      • CFA Magazine Spring 2021 and Fall 2021, Magazines: Alumni/General Interest, Targeted Audience (Gold)
      CASE Circle of Excellence – Best of District 1

      Announced October 25, 2022

      • Boston University CFA Magazine Spring 2021 and Fall 2021, Design, Magazines & Periodicals, 6 winners (3 from BU)
      • CFA Magazine; Spring 2021 and Fall 2021, Magazines, Alumni/General Interest: Any Institution Type (Targeted Audience, 4 winners)
      UCDA Awards

      Announced August 29, 2022

      • CFA Magazine Fall 2021, Cover Design – Magazine (Silver)
      • CFA Magazine Fall 2021, Magazine – Editorial Spreads, series of spreads (Silver)
      SPD Awards

      Announced April 25, 2022

      • CFA Magazine “Painting with Purpose”, Feature: Profile, Non-Celebrity Story (Merit)
      IHAF Awards

      Announced November 18, 2022

      Gold: CFA Magazine – at 6:43 mark – for publications B2C


      Case District 1
      • CFA Magazine, Magazines (print): Alumni/General Interest 2x per year (Grand Gold)
      • CFA Magazine, Spring 2020 issue Design (print): Periodicals and Magazines (Gold)
      CASE Nationals
      UCDA Awards
      • CFA Fall 2020, Magazine, Complete Unit (Excellence)
      IHAF Awards
      • CFA Magazine F20, Publications B2C (Gold)


      Case District 1
      • CFA Magazine (Fall 2018 & Spring 2019), Magazines, Circulation under 50K (Bronze)
      SPD Awards
      • CFA Magazine Spring 2019 “Saving the Classical Ecosystem”, Story – Illustration (Honorable Mention)
      UCDA Awards
      • CFA Magazine (Fall 2019), Magazine – Complete Unit (Award of Excellence)


      • CFA Magazine, Business Communications: Corporate Communications (Merit)
      • CFA Magazine, Publications B2C (Gold) 

      2014 (Esprit)

      Case District I
      • CFA Esprit, Print: Publication Package (Gold)