Breaking Out: School of Visual Arts BFA Thesis 2021

May 6, 2021
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BFA Thesis Show 2021 Breaking Out

Featuring work from 2021 BFA candidates in Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture

Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts is proud to present the 2021 BFA Thesis. Featuring the work of the 2021 BFA candidates in Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture, this exhibition launches on Thursday, May 6, 2021. Visit to see the work of our graduating seniors!

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Ruby Breier Schwat | Rachel Chung | Camryn Connolly | Isabel DeContreras | Elianna Dryer | Abby Fenn | Brittany Ficaro | Karlena Fletcher | Parker Garvin | Molly German | Matthew Guattery | Ran He | Brooke Jones | Yeon Soo Kim | Henry Louris | Qiu Yu Hong Lu | Rebecca Martin | Cailyn Masson | Adelaide Probert | Julia Smithing | Sam Weinberger | Meghan Young


Elizabeth Klayman | Go Eun Lee


Emily Bowen | Camryn Connolly | Olivia Holdsworth | Henry Louris | Manon Michel | Mai-Hân Tru’o’ng Nguyêñ

Graphic Design

Lucy Baik | Natalie Bolton | Gregory Bond | Emily Bowen | Angela Dong | Juan Estela | Abby Fenn | Kendall Gregory | Eun Kyo Hong | Lena Johnson | Jaesuk Kim | Steve Kim | Emily Knobloch | Emerson Lawton | Jay Li | Angela Lian | Miao Liu |
Morgan Moscinski | Shannon Neff | Noelle No | Chinwe Oparaji | Lucia Pabon | Morgan Recker | Ivan Reyes | Eleanor Schiltz | Ashley Smalley | Mariana Velasquez | Rachel Wui | Yi Yang | Anni Qingyang Yu | Shuyang Yu | Fei Ping Zhao | Irina Zhikh

The Origins of Breaking Out: Building a Brand

Breaking Out was designed by 2021 BFA candidates Natalie Bolton (CFA’21), Lena Johnson (CFA’21), Morgan Recker (CFA’21), and Mariana Velasquez (CFA’21). Read more about the inspiration behind their process in Natalie’s words.

The beginning of the branding design of Breaking Out began at the end of my junior year. I was sitting on zoom for my Junior Graphic Design Studio class in my childhood bedroom. My professor Nick Rock was giving our class a moment to vent about the sudden and traumatic change in our lives. We all felt a bit hopeless and broken, but Nick said something along the lines of “we are still artists. We are still here. We are still making, and we are going to be stronger in the end because of it.”

Nick Rock’s words stuck with me through the Fall semester of my senior year. When our Senior Studio class was given the opportunity to create a branding proposal for our graduating class’ BFA Thesis Show, I knew I wanted to spin the end of the year into a positive note. I teamed up with my incredibly talented classmate Mariana Velasquez Sosa and got to work. We decided we didn’t want to include the words ‘pandemic’, ‘zoom’ or ‘online learning’ anywhere in our proposal. Instead, we used a combination of pixelated fonts and rainy-day glyphs to symbolize the digitalization of our senior year while pointing to sunnier days in the near future.

After many late-night Zoom workshopping sessions, Mariana and I turned in our proposal and crossed our fingers. It wasn’t until the end of the semester that we found out our proposal had been selected by our faculty to represent our graduating class. We then were lucky enough to have the amazing designers Lena Johnson and Morgan Recker join our team.

This semester we have watched our initial proposal grow into an exciting digital and holographic complete branding identity. Our team would not have been able to accomplish what we have without the assistance of our insanely talented faculty advisor Mary Yang, and the support of the CFA faculty. I am incredibly excited to see Breaking Out come alive in the Stone and Commonwealth Gallery very soon.  

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