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Stretching Perceptions

BUAG Exhibitions Play with Scale, Form, + Medium Spark Volume 3, Issue 1 | by Laurel Homer Sculpture? Painting? Whimsy? Monstrous? Just try to explain or define Claire Ashley’s work. It doesn’t quite fit into a figurative box (or literal box for that matter). Her enormous pieces of inflatable art stretch the confines of gallery […]

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Boston University Art Galleries Announces Occupancies

Spanning across the Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery, 808 Gallery, and Annex for the first time, the group exhibition Occupancies explores how individual and collective bodies create, negotiate, and inhabit space. Conceived as a response to the current political climate and to the rise of forms of resistance and protest, Occupancies assembles emerging […]

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Boston University Art Galleries presents Martine Gutierrez: True Story

True Story presents video and photographic work by the Brooklyn-based performance artist Martine Gutierrez. Using various media idioms such as classic Hollywood film, fashion photography, and music videos, Gutierrez creates hauntingly seductive imagery that explores the construction of gender and self. In each of her projects Gutierrez casts herself in different roles—from pop star, to […]

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Boston University Art Galleries presents Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez

Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez showcases the artist’s mixed-media installations and jacquard-woven photo tapestries that explore the social and political issues found within the gender-bending subculture of Jamaica’s dancehall community. Generally viewed as a celebration of the disenfranchised in postcolonial Jamaica, dancehall culture emerged from the youth of Kingston’s ghettos. In this exhibition, Jamaican-born Patterson […]

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BUAG explores the fluidity and complexity of identity in three upcoming shows.

Charged Conversations by Brooke Yarborough In the twenty-first century, it is now common to confront shifting paradigms in cultural identity, as well as race, gender, and sexuality. The digital age has brought with it a myriad of opportunities for breaking down traditional binaries, a creative process well suited to contemporary artists who are eager to […]

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This spring in the BU Art Galleries: four new exhibitions

Above: Congregation by Joseph Ablow Boston University Art Galleries (BUAG), the newly formed consortium comprised of the Stone Gallery and Annex, 808 Gallery, and Sherman Gallery, is pleased to announce upcoming exhibitions and programming. Serving the Boston University community, as well as the greater Boston and New England public, BUAG is committed to a culturally […]

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Palaver Strings at Boston University Art Galleries

As part of our Boston University Art Galleries Residency, Palaver Strings will play selections from our Groupmuse concert Small Hours. Supported in part by an Arts Grant from The BU Arts Initiative – Office of the Provost Date, Time & Place Thursday, November 12th @ 8:00 PM Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery 855 […]

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Transforming Everyday Objects into Works of Art

Artist Willie Cole’s water bottle sculptures on view at 808 Gallery Cole’s sculpture of a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, titled H2O El Re, was constructed specifically for the 808 Gallery show as homage to the building’s former life as a Cadillac showroom. Photo by Joshua Buckno (GRS’05, Questrom’14 Source:BU Today

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Stone Gallery Exhibition Recalls the Horrors of Hiroshima

Iri and Toshi Maruki were a young married couple living in Tokyo in August 1945, when American forces dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, the first on the city of Hiroshima, killing more than 100,000 people and ushering in the nuclear age, the second three days later on Nagasaki, with tens of thousands more killed. […]

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