Rebecca Bourgault

Rébecca Bourgault

Assistant Professor of Art, Art Education; Chair of Art Education

Rébecca Bourgault, MFA, EdD, is an assistant professor of art education at the College of Fine Arts. Her work as an artist, scholar and educator focuses on an expanded view of art and education, encompassing lifelong learning in communities, socially engaged practices, and approaches to arts research that explore transdisciplinary and holistic ways of knowing. She has exhibited her work in galleries across Canada and the US, presented and published articles and chapters on topics of art and aging, socially engaged art, and art-based research in edited volumes such as the Wiley Blackwell International Encyclopedia of Art and Design (2019) and Art as an agent of Social Change (2020).


Recent articles appeared in the International Journal of Education & the Arts, the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, the International Journal of Lifelong Learning in Art Education and Art/Research International: A transdisciplinary Journal. Current endeavors include a co-edited book on arts research and the exploration of transpersonal and intuitive inquiry for community art mentorship.