Trust and Health Communication: An annotated bibliography

Last updated June 4, 2024

Maxwel Barainca, MPH student, Boston University School of Public Health
Veronika Wirtz, PhD, MSc, Professor of Global Health, Boston University School of Public Health

This document is aimed at providing an annotated bibliography of an intentional selection of recent key reports on trust in health communications including systematic reviews, contributions and discussions from experts, population survey data, and frameworks. It is not a systematic literature review that intents to be comprehensively appraising the current literature. The following documents were selected by searching key terms including health communications, trust, drivers of trust on search platforms Google Scholar, PubMed, and Google. Some documents were found outside of these search parameters by searching directly on the websites including WHO, CDC, Brookings Institute, World Bank and the Northeastern University’s Trust Project.

The bibliography is divided into four thematic sections: discussion on trust, trust and health communication based on the peer review literature, population statistics, and communication guidelines and frameworks.

Trust and Health Communication – An Annotated Bibliography