Interview with Dr. Kibbe on the It’s Innate! Podcast

Check out Dr. Kibbe’s conversation about her path to cognitive science, and using development to understand the human mind and the structure of our thoughts, on the It’s Innate! Podcast [spotify,], Episode 17, April 2023.

Interview with Dr. Kibbe on the Stanford Psychology Podcast

Listen to Dr. Kibbe talk about our research on this episode of the Stanford Psychology Podcast [spotify, apple podcasts], Episode 77, December 2022.

Science of Parenting

Read what Dr. Kibbe and her Developmental Science faculty colleagues have to say:

The Science Of Parenting. Arts & Sciences Magazine, Fall 2021.

Children’s understanding of fiction and reality 

Read about it:

When it’s playtime, many kids prefer reality over fantasy. Science News, February 2018.

Intuitive algebra in preschoolers

Read about it:

Preschoolers’ innate knowledge means they can probably do algebra. TIME Magazine, March 2014.

Why 5-year-old kids can do algebra. ABC News, March 2014.



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