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Associate Dean


Malika Jeffries-EL
Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


PhD Admissions & Financial Aid

Janette Countryman
Director, Finance and PhD Admissions & Financial Aid
Martin Gastmann
Assistant Director, PhD Admissions & Financial Aid (PhD Admissions) (PhD Financial Aid)
Peter Donato
PhD Admissions & Financial Aid Associate (PhD Admissions) (PhD Financial Aid)

Master’s Admissions & Financial Aid

Mark Khan
Director, Master’s Marketing & Enrollment

Szu-Yu (Candice) Chen
Assistant Director, Master’s Marketing & Communications

Guadalupe (Lupita) Rodriguez
Assistant Director, Master’s Admission, Recruitment, & Financial Aid
Charlie Want
Master’s Admissions & Financial Aid Associate (Master’s Admissions) (Master’s Financial Aid)
Nicole hea

Nicole Bray
Enrollment Marketing & Communications Associate


Graduate Affairs

Open Position
Director of Graduate Affairs
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for GRS Students

Kristen Shannon O’Connor
Assistant Director of Graduate Affairs & Student Support

Tyler Wasson
Records Manager

Anna Criscitiello
Graduate Curriculum and Program Associate

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