Shanghai, China

As the largest and most cosmopolitan metropolis on mainland China, Shanghai takes its cue from the West as it has done for a century and a half, yet still retains the charm and traditions of its venerable past. It is indeed an incredible place to study and live for a semester.

Hosted at Fudan University, one of China’s leading universities, our programs give students the opportunity to experience the professional culture of China and apply their coursework in language and culture on a day-to-day basis. Depending on the program, housing is on or adjacent to the campus. Excursions include trips within China to the Hunan Province or to Taiwan. Visit the BU Shanghai website.

Programs in Shanghai

Shanghai Chinese Language and Culture Program

Shanghai Chinese Language & Culture Program

This program gives students at beginning levels of Chinese language study a chance to immerse themselves in Chinese culture.
Tags: Chinese Speaking, English Speaking, Fall, Full Year Possible, Spring, Undergraduate
Focus: Asian & East Asian Studies, Chinese Language

Shanghai Intensive Chinese Language Program

Shanghai Chinese Studies Program (Summer)

This program offers Chinese language study at the first, second, and third-year levels as well as a chance to spend eight weeks living and studying China’s largest and most vibrant city.
Tags: Chinese Speaking, English Speaking, Summer, Undergraduate
Focus: Chinese Language

Shanghai College of General Studies Program in the Social Sciences (Summer)

This program offers students the opportunity to learn about China’s modernization as a country through cultural tours and language and history classes.
Tags: Chinese Speaking, Summer, Undergraduate
Focus: Chinese Language