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There are 12 comments on Is Israel Committing Genocide in Gaza? New Report from BU School of Law’s International Human Rights Clinic Lays Out Case

  1. Better late than never, thank you BU for finally doing the bare minimum and allowing this article to be published. Now we must push BU to disclose and divest from genocide!

  2. Glad you published this story. But to publish this, which concludes that Israel is committing a genocide, and keep the tag “Israel-Hamas War” is ridiculous. This was never a war against Hamas. It was an excuse to ethnically cleanse and commit genocidal acts against innocent Palestinians. Israel’s goal was never to recover the hostages. It’s not a war. It’s a genocide of the Palestinian people

    1. Hamas is committing genocide against Palastinians by fleeing to Qatar and hiding in tunnels, leaving Gazan civilians helpless. Hamas broke the stable cease-fire on October 7.

  3. Thank you for this article and interview. Just as our adversary system of justice guarantees even the guilty a right to competent and effective legal counsel, so also is it inherent in the exercise of clinical legal education and legal advocacy clinics in particular that from time to time or even frequently such a clinic and members of its faculty and interns may make statements, arguments, conclusions, etc. that not all students, faculty, or units of the University would necessarily agree with. Nevertheless, such advocacy is an important and essential aspect of legal education. I applaud the International Human Rights Clinic for its contributions to the discussion.

  4. Referring to Israel’s defensive war in Gaza against Hamas, which is still launching missiles at Israel from Gaza, as ethnic cleansing demonstrates a kindergarten-level understanding of the situation. So again I say shame on you for publishing the original piece, shame on you for accepting the ridiculous comments and shame on you for censoring opposing views.

  5. This reads like Hamas propaganda masquerading as an “objective analysis”. The numbers cited in the report (see footnote 256) are based on an OCHA report, which, in turn, quotes numbers from the “MoH in Gaza”.

    The MoH is the Ministry of Health … and you know who runs it … Hamas.

    So … to recap, a murderous and rapist terrorist organization that has been caught in numerous lies about the war already is providing numbers and information that is laundered by UNHR to support the Hamas cause.

    Where are the critical thinking skills that are supposed to be part of an academic environment?

  6. Any knowledgeable person can easily understand the falsehoods. Saying that Israel is committing genocide is like saying that the US commited a genocide in Afghanistan.

  7. Finally getting an official acknowledgment of Israel’s atrocities being rightfully categorized as a genocide is relieving. However, it is about time to fully divest from financially supporting Israeli and Zionist companies if you truly stand by these words, BU.

  8. Thank you for sharing this important report.

    I would only suggest one correction (on moral grounds, if not on legal ones), and ask whether Israel *AND* the United States are committing genocide in Gaza, as the ongoing mass killing, displacement, and starvation in Gaza would literally not be possible without our (financial, military, and diplomatic) support.

  9. After 245 days, you read a report about Israel’s crimes of genocide!
    Honestly at this point, this report is useless. And you are missing a major fact that the US is funding this genocide and is complicit in these war crimes.

  10. Thank you for publishing this report.

    There is little doubt that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. Your analysis clearly demonstrates it.
    A follow-up analysis is warranted on how the US is funding this genocide and hence complicit.

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