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There are 4 comments on Biden vs Trump Debate Rematch: Muted Mics, 34 Felonies, and the Age Issue

  1. Not surprising that BOTH BU ‘experts’ skipped over Biden’s absolutely TERRIBLE polling, but did manage to highlight ‘34 felonies’ .. should JB make a point of speaking to the importance of the NY show trial, all DT would need to do is ask him – ‘what was it that I did wrong, and what was the crime, because I’m still trying to figure it out?’ and it will be disastrous if JB defaults to a ‘well .. you know .. the thing’ kind of answer – as there’s yet to be a pundit that can actually articulate how it is that a felony was born out of a misdemeanor that had outrun the statute of limitations ..

    And candidly .. the border is a DISASTER .. and the effects of his open border policy are all over the place with families torn apart from the crime – the polls don’t lie. DT is viewed as the better choice for stewarding the economy – the polls don’t lie. Inflation is demolishing the middle class and JB has been completely tone deaf for his entire term .. from outrageous gas prices and the US going from energy independent to totally dependent, to the housing markets which have left the average family unable to ever purchase a home, to out of control grocery bills, etc etc etc, Bidenomics has been catastrophic – the polls don’t lie. No new wars under DT, and several under JB .. foreign policy is a mess – the polls don’t lie. See the pattern?

    And, if you’re gonna expect DT to collapse under ‘34 felonies’ comments from JB, how do you expect JB to respond to his DIRECT LIE in 2020 that ‘the laptop was a phony’ .. that he wasn’t ’the big guy’ .. that his family has taken MILLIONS from foreign adversaries? Yes, HB got convicted on a GUN CHARGE, because he bought a gun and LIED on the forms – a charge that has landed hundred, if not thousands, in jail for the same thing – vs a misdemeanor tortured into a felony, in a friendly court, on a first ever application of state law .. and then there’s the matter of HBs tax problem which hasn’t aired yet – I wonder where all that money came from ..

    Face it, this debate is uphill, both ways, and in the snow, for JB .. and his gaffe prone manner, along with his inability to string meaningful sentences together, ain’t gonna help him much at all .. but, Big Thanks to the BU experts for their cutting edge analysis – straight from the national media echo chamber

    (My guess is that this doesn’t get published)

  2. Multiple things. 1) To put down as a fact that Trump was stalking Clinton is so far fetched and ridiculous that I can’t believe you actually published it.
    2) Quite offensive how you mock live audiences and the American voters. Without them you claim that now Trump has to talk to grown ups. As I voter and reader I am pretty offended. That line was completely unnecessary.
    3) The economic and criminal metrics that have the most impact and visibility among voters have shot up. To act like Biden doesn’t have to comment on violent crime in major cities, inflation surging, and extremely lenient judiciaries across the country is a shame.
    4) Despite bashing Trump why don’t you have anything written about his politics and policies. Completely ignoring his stance on abortion, immigration, the January 6 riots, and etc is definitely a choice. You miss out on a lot of important factors in this debate through only discussing his personality. I don’t expect this university paper to be neutral at all, but I do expect good reporting.

  3. The debate was doomed from the start. American politics is fractured – representative of a fractured country. The fact that they are the two candidates that could represent our country shows how the system truly is rigged. We care about money, fanfare, political red meat and advertising moreso than caring about our own people. How could we as citizens have allowed this to happen? Take time to talk with people of varying backgrounds without preconceived notions. Let’s come together as a country from the ground up.

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