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There are 28 comments on Explaining the Latest Texas Anti-Transgender Directive

  1. To me, this is just another example of the disconnect between the government and people. There are numerous agencies, in this case DFSP, with enormous powers that can basically cripple anyone’s life. These agencies make numerous decisions pretty much by themselves or through hidden negotiations within the government. There is no accountability for these decisions not even through elections because no specific person is responsible for controlling DFSP. In this particular case, there is even a disagreement about who and how can influence DFSP’s actions.

  2. Children are way too young to be having irreversible genital mutilation surgery performed on their bodies. This madness has to be stopped, if you’re an adult and want to do this then fine, but leave the kids out of it.

    1. It doesn’t sound like you actually read the article. The third bolded section titled “Abbott’s and particularly Paxton’s literature appear to liken gender-transitioning treatment for adolescents to forced “sterilization” and mutilation of ‘otherwise healthy body parts.’ What does gender-affirming care for children and teenagers actually look like?” explains what gender-affirming care actually means, and that it specifically doesn’t mean that young children undergo irreversible treatments.

    2. Andrew Lerner,

      Did you even read the article?? Maybe you should take a second and read a little more closely:

      “Abbott’s and particularly Paxton’s literature appear to liken gender-transitioning treatment for adolescents to forced “sterilization” and mutilation of “otherwise healthy body parts.” What does gender-affirming care for children and teenagers actually look like?

      Holt: Prior to the onset of puberty, kids typically receive non-medical care. Their care is focused around social transitioning [like choosing a new name and changing how they dress] and providing mental health and structural support, like schools using a child’s preferred gender pronouns and allowing them to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. Later on, an adolescent can pursue the more medical aspects of gender-affirming care, such as puberty blockers and hormone injections, and so on. [And note that current medical guidelines say individuals should not undergo genital reassignment surgery until the age of 18.]

      These writings are not providing all the facts around what gender-affirming care looks like for children and teenagers from a medical perspective. There are no four-year-olds going through irreversible medical procedures. [For treatments like hormone injections and chest surgeries], these are thoughtful decisions made after a long period of time when kids are well into their teenage years; often, these are kids who have socially transitioned for quite a long time and they and their families are making additional choices to support their well-being.

      There’s so much research showing that adolescents who receive gender-affirming care and have supportive families and school structures fare so much better than adolescents who don’t. The rates of psychological distress, suicidal ideation, and attempted suicide go down, as do the rates of depression. Both the American Psychological Association and the Society for Research in Child Development have released statements [saying as much]. That’s why Abbott’s directive feels very counter to scientific evidence—all indicators suggest that medically gender-affirming care is beneficial, and not having access to that care impacts the well-being of transgender children in significant ways.”

      Before placing blame, learn the facts.

    3. I think you should do more research on this subject as your comment makes no sense. Any sort of gender transition surgery can’t be performed until after many years of doctor consultation, therapy, etc. This isn’t something you can just get on a Wednesday after deciding on a Tuesday. Instead, your take here is damaging to children who are trans and exploring their gender identity.

      1. Hormone blockers or hormone replacement therapy during puberty is irreversible as well. Do you not understand that a child’s mind is very plastic, they can be convinced of just about anything. I’m sorry but this view of using irreversible medical treatment on minors who “feel” they are the opposite gender is a minority opinion.

        1. As a physician, I can assure you that hormones have permanent effects no matter when they are given. If given during puberty, certain processes in muscle, lung, cardiac, even brain development are affected, and we still don’t know all the areas of the brain that are affected by the “sex” hormones! Effects are cascading: one causes another, forever changing relationships between cells and systems. I certainly don’t agree that treatment is child abuse, but hormone blockers and hormone treatment is not innocuous. Parents of minors, and psychologists, psychiatrists should all be in agreement that a defined course is the best for the child. Isn’t questioning everything about our “self” a part of adolescence?

        2. As I recall, a persons brain does not fully mature until 21 or so. And the therapy seems to be more like grooming, the kid receives lots of attention, which is affirming in itself and may produce a “false positive “. And it tears many families up. The far greater # of FTM need to be explored. Girls notoriously have more body image dissatisfaction, and the male gender is considered superior. Those born male have different, and more erotic reasons for wanting change, as I see it. I don’t think minors should have plastic surgery, or hormone therapy. What was once gender fluid is not that at all, it was a ploy.

        3. Thank you Mr. Lerner, for a reasonable reply to what I believe can be termed a a psych-social virus that apparently is growing by bounds. I believe that some scientists indicate brain development doesn’t stop for most men until 25. I don’t know what scientists say concerning a woman’s brain development, but personally I felt very different at the age of 20.

          I ask this: why can’t people see that entire social and cultural movements in society can turn for the better or for the worst? Apparently the present generation of younger parents aren’t too knowledgeable of the social/political pressure that changed German democracy to Nazi terrorism. Take a look at history, Americans, and today’s unbalanced approach. We can’t even change our gun laws to protect our kids, but a boy can become
          a girl at age 18 and may have started thinkng of himself that way simply because he wanted to play with dolls at age 5, and a parent(s) , aunt, uncle, and or teacher(s) decided to affirm him. Don’t let me leave out the girls. Wanting to play with cars doesn’t mean a girl should be affirmed as a boy. We are so unbalanced.

    4. As is noted above “current medical guidelines say individuals should not undergo genital reassignment surgery until the age of 18.”

      Ironically, the irreversible genital surgery performed on minors in the US is circumcision, which is not being discussed as problematic in this context.

      Conflating gender reassignment surgery (and calling it genital mutilation) and the recommended gender affirming care of minors– which includes social transition, supportive home and learning environments, counseling, and potentially (where deemed appropriate after careful consideration) puberty blockers and potentially eventually (after even more careful consideration) hormone therapy– is uninformed and inflammatory. Regardless of intent, it is not protecting children.

    5. Kids under the age of 18 typically do not undergo surgery. What is normally done is people take hormone blockers, and then after a while take the hormone that corresponds with their gender. Both of these in fact, are reversible and do not cause long term damage to a child’s body. What it does do, however, is allow kids with dysphoria to feel more comfortable.
      Even then, hormones aren’t normally given to children under the age of 16.

      1. “Kids under the age of 18 *typically* do not undergo surgery.”
        “hormones aren’t *normally* given to children under the age of 16.”

        I’m noticing there’s a lot of this going on this thread — “normally” and “typically” — in an attempt to minimize and sweep-under-the-rug the biological intervention component. If that component happens so seldomly, why not just take it off the table ENTIRELY until the age of 18? Keep things at counselling until then, when the parties can truly & maturely consent.

  3. Thank you for this coverage; it means a lot to the community.

    An idea: Could we add a preferred pronouns field to our individual listings at bu.edu/directory?

  4. This is 2022
    Where are we headed? Not into the future
    but into the past. Don’t put up with it. Our freedom is under attack.

  5. One thing that is being ignored completely in this illogical stance by Abbott and the state of Texas is that genital surgery on intersex children was and still is a choice parents make without any consent of the child. Their genitalia are “otherwise healthy body parts” that don’t conform to the standard of parents and wider society, so surgery is used to align their sex with the gender identity preferred by their parents. And Texas is more than happy to allow parents to withhold life saving medical care for their children if their religious beliefs are in opposition to it, seeming to state that the way people raise their children is a private matter the government has no part in. Unless Greg Abbott really doesn’t like it, then all bets are off. And yes the circumcision of healthy penises without the child’s consent is a good point too lol.

    1. “…make without any consent of the child.”

      The whole argument is that a child CAN’T rationally and maturely consent — we don’t let them vote, drink, join the military as children — and that they are pliable and easily swayed by a culture that is currently telling them being trans carries a certain cultural clout, which it undeniably does. There is a reason 84% of trans children, by the time they’re adults, settle into being gay or lesbian — they’re still *working things out* in their teens, and the encouragement of biological intervention (yes, even puberty blockers and hormone treatment) runs counter to allowing them that time to *work things out* without irreversible medical implications, as we don’t currently know the full physiological ramifications of these treatments.

      The Texas legislation is needless and extreme and blinders-on — but so is denying everything stated above.

      1. I am sorry Thelmathelp, but nobody thinks being marginalized and criminalized, with suicide rates far and away above the average, and all the other “cultural clout” that you apparently assume on trans-identifying people is somehow ‘cool.’ Transgender people do not “choose” to be transgender (!) They just are. Just like you formed your own inner conceptions of selfhood.
        What, pray tell, makes your inner conceptions morally or otherwise “better” or more ‘right’ than anyone else’s?
        Did you personally have to “work out” your gender as a kid? Does any cis-gender person even think for more than a second, if ever, about their gender alignment?
        Think it through.

        1. The suicide rates are not as high as is reported in the media or the numbers used by trans activists. A follow up study of one of the largest transgender clinics concluded that the actual rate of suicide is was 0.03%. It is irresponsible to exaggerate the rates, as it puts the parents into a difficult position with respect to assessing the risks of treatment and gives the transgender people themselves a wrong impression about the likely outcome of their trajectory. Finally, it should not be used to justify treatments that are scientifically speaking experimental. The study is here: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-022-02287-7
          The difficulties with respect to informed consent procedure currently used is here: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/0092623X.2022.2046221

    2. Intersex children are often infertile. It is maybe just cosmetic surgery? Surgery on otherwise healthy children and medical treatment that affects fertility or puts them into some third category is maybe something else.

  6. Wait so is the bill/law(idk what is is at this point) still happening or has it been blocked now? I’ve heard that it has and hasn’t. And as an non-binary minor who would be affected by this I’m terrified as I’m out to my school but not family. Is this something I don’t need to worry about or do I need to go back into the closet and hide my true identity?

    Even with reading the passage it still confuses me. Can someone please just tell me if I need to be worried about this or not?

  7. I’m just a child, reading this, and it’s led me to wonder if my best friend, a transman, was pulled from school because of his medications. We are both in the orchestra, and yesterday someone came by to pick up his instrument and he hasn’t been answering my texts, and he hasn’t been to school in almost a week. I’m scared for him. I’m scared that the government has made him make the choice of going to school or being who he is. Thank you to anyone that read this.

  8. About time people are standing up to stop this insanity. Children are in no possition to make life altering decisions. The same reason why they cannot vote, get married or drive motor vehicles. Children should be protected from predatory harm that is the root of the transgender movement.
    I cannot wait till this becomes the norm worldwide and we stop this train wreck destroying the lives of people.

  9. People are missing the big picture here. Weither or not you agree or disagree with transgender treatments. The big problem is the goverment shouldnt be able to have the kindvd overreach people are allowing simply because they dislike transgender people. And also a person should have no reason to have any kindvd opinion or interference with another persons medical care. The only people that should be considered are the ones effected by this. If you arent trans then you have no idea what its like and you shouldnt really have a opinion. Unfortunately the only ones who seem to not have a voice are the people that are effected,all these other people like to put their two cents in to feel important then go back on about their daily lives feeling totally fine while a trans persons life gets ruined. The big picture is a persons medical decisions shouldnt be anyones business. Every major medical association stands behind it so that shoukd be enough. The fact that it isnt and the crazy abuse of power and goverment overreach should scare us all. If you dislike trans thats fine, but unless you wanna be next in line to have your private life invaded i suggest you put that aside and stand against the government intrusion this represents its supposed to be a free country and Republicans wont stop with us so if you dont stand up and you let us die well guess what your rights are next so stop being a sheep and accepting trans peoples suffering just because you hate us or pretty soon youll be on the chopping block next and you wont even be able to masturbate without them knowing it.

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