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There are 9 comments on POV: Massachusetts Must Be Proactive to Protect Public Safety Under Relaxed Concealed Carry Laws

  1. Well this is clearly insane. Our government’s response, on federal level, to a hyperviolent, over-armed, and unduly sensitive society, in which mass murders occur on a more than a daily basis, is to encourage and further normalize the private carrying of firearms. Huh? Where I’m from this is called adding fuel to the fire, and is the opposite direction we should be traveling to what is a public health/safety emergency of a most extreme nature. Insane.

    1. What you don’t seem to understand is that the Second Amendment means what it says and the People have a right to both keep and carry guns for self-defense.

      1. Actually the framers never intended for that. The entire clause at issue is as follows “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. The amendment specifically emphasizes that taking up arms was intended for contexts, like the revolutionary war, where taking up arms was necessary and appropriate. It wasn’t intended to justify arming private citizens who just want to carry a gun. If we allow more freedoms to bring guns into public spaces, it will be such a terrible look on us as a nation. Most people will just feel on edge when they are outside and they see people carrying guns. Never met someone who feels safer when those around them are heavily armed.

        1. Actually they did. They were all known to be extremely interested in prototype weapons some of them even owned cannons. I don’t doubt they would be incredibly interested in modern weaponry if they were alive today. Think before you speak and spread misinformation like an idiot.

  2. Mr. Jacobs advocates firearm legislation “that will withstand judicial scrutiny while . . . protecting residents from the worst effects of public gun carrying.” But this begs the question: What are the actual “effects of public gun carrying”? Mr. Jacobs states that “[a]t least one study has shown a significant increase in violent crimes associated with more relaxed concealed carry laws” but he fails to acknowledge many more that find no such relationship. The RAND Corporation undertook a thorough review of the major relevant studies and found that “[e]vidence that shall-issue concealed-carry laws may increase violent crime is limited. Evidence for the effect of shall-issue laws on total homicides, firearm homicides, robberies, assaults, and rapes is inconclusive.” RAND’s conclusions were consistent with studies by the National Research Council and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Legislation restricting fundamental rights, of which self-defense is among the most basic, should be premised upon fact rather than emotion, anecdote, or ideology.

  3. The concept of “May Issue” runs counter to the protections afforded to American Citizens under the Second Amendment. With the exception of those with criminal convictions, all adults should have the fundamental right to concealed carry, if they wish to do so. Kudos to the Supreme Court for taking up this critical issue at such a key juncture for the City of Boston. This new mayor, Michelle Wu, is radical and I fear that violent crime will increase in the inner-city neighborhoods with her at the helm, and pushing the concept of police “reform.” It is all the more essential that good, hard-working citizens carry in the name of self-defense in these frightening times.

  4. Nice to meet you Jack. I think you will appreciate Massachusetts history if you start by realizing that it was public citizens that made up the militia, not a sound bite from crappy reporting or deep dark fiction books. Yes thank you, I feel safer when I see anybody appropriately carrying a gun, I am sorry you feel threatened by that, when that person could possibly save your life from an actual criminal.

  5. This didn’t age well, did it? … But in all seriousness, I’m curious: do people like you actually ever feel WRONG? Like, the way normal people do? Do you feel shame? Or regret? Or doubt? Or humility? More imortantly: are you capable of LEARNING and GROWING? Or does that uncertainty – that threat of self-reflection – simply drive you back to the safety of the herd?

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