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There are 9 comments on Alum’s Bill Would Remove Commonwealth’s Religious Exemption from Vaccination

  1. 100% disagree with this. It should be 100% parental choice to whether or not I want subject my child to the nasty ingredients in vaccines. You have no right and you certainly dont have the science. The reason the Measles outbreak??? Its the vaccine induced measles that keeps spreading the disease. The “whaning” affect starts immediately and up 25% of children never become immune…. this is why your vaccines dont work and never will. Please stop harming the children and learn that putting toxins in the body will cause harm. Wake up AMERICA, our kids future is in your hands. #infectedwithtruth

  2. 1 issue with vaccines is actually with those that are “live attenuated vaccines”. These are vaccines created using the actual germ or bacteria, & could possibly infect someone. If the person receiving the vaccine is exposed to someone who is immunocompromised, the immunocompromised individual could get the illness. He claims 3 people reached out, & there are zero schools in this mans district with the exemption rates he is citing but he felt compelled? Maybe compelled to jump on a hot topic issue for publicity. Oh, and he describes the antivaxxers as ignorant & nasty when they contact him but with the pro vaccine crowd – he describes lovely exchanges… Maybe there’s a 500 percent rise in exemptions since the 1980’S because not everyone agrees on this issue & religious choices need to be respected.

  3. This is not journalism. It is completely pro-vaccine biased and propaganda. The reporter should be ashamed of himself. Real reporting is meant to be educational and informative of all perspectives. He makes non vaccinators out to be crazed people who only read social media for facts. As if countless books have not been written by Medical Doctors on BOTH sides of this issue. He in fact the one spreading biased media based information. Wrong.

  4. Honestly this is disturbing! Because he “thinks” people are misusing a religious exemption? Well the public “thinks” because he doesn’t have children” he shouldn’t create such a bill! Please tell him to shut down with RFK Jr. to discuss peer reviewed articles!

  5. Way to go Mr. Vargas. Violate the state Constitution because you personally believe that forcing parents to inject their children with substances which aree known, and documented side effects such as autism, death, and disability and which contain contaminants including entire genomes of the host fetuses genetic line are protecting the common good. If more people read the research, actual manufacturers package inserts, and Supreme Court rulings which found all vaccines to be ‘unavoidably UNsafe’. We might just be able to stop the tide of spectrum disorders we are one generation away from all having. Vargas needs some educating by someone others than shareholders.

  6. A good journalist would have interviewed someone who is opposed to this Bill so that anyone reading could see both sides to this story.

    But then, I am not surprised that only this one side is presented since BU receives more than its fair share of funding from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    I also question what funding Representative Vargas received in campaign contributions from organizations or individuals who are pro-pharma.

    I have represented parents of children who were damaged for life for several different vaccinations, none of which were have been tested for safety or effectiveness by any of our National Health Organizations.

    It is a shame that Representative Vargas did not educate himself on the safety of vaccines before presenting his Bill.

    1. Please, tell me one vaccine currently being used that has not been tested for efficacy or safety, and that does not have constant real-time monitoring of adverse events – medically proven adverse events.

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