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There are 13 comments on POV: Trump Administration’s Position on Breastfeeding Is “Deeply Unsettling”

  1. I wonder whether those who support the Trump administration will be willing to share their views on this particular issue. It is possible, even inevitable, to disagree with some actions of those you support. I don’t know whether this is one you agree or disagree with.

  2. I read the NYTimes article and likewise thought it unsettling. I couldn’t agree more with Galea that the common theme is a loss of “respect for basic public goods” in the US. Great article

    1. Yes also agree that this is about profit over people. But on the other hand when is the last time people actually took advice from a government PSA seriously? Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” campaign to drugs would have been a smashing success if people actually cared what government wants/supports. When people make choices what the government supports never factors into that consumer choice. It’s just upsetting seeing how easy it is to buy government, both the left and right have been selling our country for decades.

  3. So I have an problem with you taking issue with what the Government did.
    1. it is not the place of the government to decide whether I breastfeed or not. Actually it is no one’s business but mine, my husband, and my medical team.
    2. I was not able to breastfeed two of my children due to health issues – one in particular where the baby’s health were affected by my breast milk. If we take your stance then I would not have any options for my child when he/she rejects my breastmilk.
    Please stay out of individuals choices – you are as bad as the government trying to make personal choices for women. The choice to breastfeed is very personal and should not be interfered with by any person other than the women who’s breast it is.

    1. Hi Amanda, just wanted to clarify that nobody (the government or Dean Galea) is trying to make a personal decision for you or anyone in regards to breastfeeding. Dean Galea’s point is that there is a plethora of scientific evidence showing the vast benefits of breastfeeding. The US Government should be encouraging practices that lead to public health advancements (i.e. breastfeeding).

      Of course not everyone can or wants to breastfeed and that is completely fine. Dean Galea and the NYT made a point that Trump is denouncing breastfeeding and instead supporting for-profit companies that make formula. That is the problem – nobody is trying to tell anyone what to do – but US Government SHOULD be encouraging healthy practices among its citizens. We cannot deny the vast health benefits of breastfeeding, so whether or not you choose to breastfeed is your choice, but the public SHOULD be informed of these benefits and it is the Government’s responsibility to stand by their public and promote health.

    2. You completely missed the point. Also, they weren’t going to stop production on formula and let babies starve, obviously. But good job relating this entire article solely to yourself.

      1. Big breastfeeding advocate here. Do not get how you make the leap to Trump not supporting breastfeeding. As a Republican, my instinctive orientation is personal tesponsibility: the problem is not the existence of formula, it is lack of societal support and encouragement for breastfeeding. My God, you guys twist EVERYTHING that poor man says.

  4. This is a non-issue. There is absolutely nothing stopping mothers nursing as they see fit. The UN resolution is the product of busy-bodies that need something to do.

    1. This resolution was put forth by the World Health Assembly, which is the decision making body of the World Health Organization (an agency of the UN). This isn’t the product of busy-bodies that “need to do something” – it is LITERALLY the job of the WHA/WHO…

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