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There are 5 comments on Darwin and the Bible Meet in Creation Stories Class

  1. The “big bang” theory is not supported by science. It violates three known laws of science. It is promoted as an explosion from a state of nothingness. That violates the scientific Law of Inertia,the First Law of Thermodynamics, and the Law of Cause and Effect.

    Newton’s Law of Inertia states if something is at rest, it will remain in that state, unless acted upon by an outside force or agent. If something is moving in a straight line it will continue to do so unless acted upon by an outside force or agent such as gravity or wind, etc. A state of nothingness is like a state of perfect rest. If you leave nothingness alone long enough, guess what will happen. Nothing! What would be required to change that state of nothingness? It would have to be acted upon by an outside force or agent. That is what theists say happened. A change in a state of nothingness would require it.

    The same goes for the Law of Cause and Effect. The effect is the beginning of the universe coming out of a state of nothingness. It has to have a cause. That cause has to be equal to or greater than the effect itself. The theists win that one too.

    The First Law of Thermodynamics states matter/and or energy cannot be created or destroyed. What is implied is matter and energy will not come out of a state of nothingness through natural causes. A cause that is beyond nature is required. Chalk up another win for the theists.

    Planet earth is supposed to be near the center of that fictitious explosion, yet our planet is perfectly designed to support life. The Bible says God formed the earth to be inhabited. That would not be the result of an explosion. I could go on about the complexity of the human body and everything in this amazingly complex world we live in.

    The theories of chimp to man and small dino to bird evolution do not hold up to scientific scrutiny. There are ten times as many differences as there are similarities between them. Evolutionary scientists are not trying to put these theories to the test, they are only looking for evidence to support what they already want to believe. That isn’t science. Evolution is a fairy tale for grownups that don’t understand real science, and only want to come up with an alternative to “In the beginning God created.”

    There are two major philosophical worldviews: naturalism and theism. Although theism fits the facts much better, naturalism is the philosophical worldview that is being promoted in the public schools, hiding behind the guise of “science.” “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” They even have their own national holiday, April 1st.

  2. Prof. Scully’s “From the Garden of Eden to the Big Bang, creation stories share the goal of placing our beginnings in narrative form” connects classics with science so creatively that it makes everyone to reconsider how important imagination and stories are important in human understanding of the world.

  3. The Big Bang Theory (the science, not the TV show) is just that , a theory. What is a theory? An explanation that best fits the known facts. The BBT has not been proven yet; so far the catalyzing event is only theorized. But it hasn’t been disproven either.

  4. How can one go on to proband a theory when he has not understand the meaning of the creation of the universe.
    since by big band theory the universe exploded from infinite nothingness,now where is the place of the originator of the infinite nothing. it is known that heat cannot be found in. water except fire. how can the universe explode without a cause. this theory is all about deception

  5. “Darwin implies that natural processes took over from there in developing what we see around us..” – But what is that natural process? Are we not replacing the word “God” by the words “natural process”? Thus the evolution theory does not know what the theory is, it is based on assumptions. Some call it natural selection, which also is not defined. All of science is based on assumptions, and therefore they cannot be correct, and cannot be verified by any experiments. All engineering experiments will automatically reject all assumptions, because assumptions are false and does not exist in nature. Engineering is nature.

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