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There are 37 comments on New Footbaths a Nod to BU’s Growing Muslim Population

  1. I am so glad to see BU providing these kinds of services to our Muslim students. It is important to provide ways for all members of the community to express their unique identities peacefully, piously, and comfortably. This is the kind of tolerance our society needs to improve the lives of all, and I am proud of BU for being so forward thinking. Muslims and non-Muslims alike have seen the BU community grow stronger today. Shukran kitheeran for this thoughtfulness.

        1. Not if you’re in a classroom building and prayer falls during your regular class schedule. CELOP students use the facilities for ablution before conducting their prayers in reserved classrooms down the hallway.

  2. I am wondering if the King Abdullah University too is now planning to accomodate the needs of its Christian visitors, by building a Chapel on its territory.

    1. It’s a good question. I am Saudi, and I’ve asked myself this question when I saw this story. I think they should have provide many differnt things of other religions needs. In many places in KSA, they try to accomodate other cultures needs; based on the coalitions of the other nationalities, religions, and cultures.
      Anyway, I am really proud of BU. This is a great experience I have ever had. It tells us a message that we are all brothers, we have to live together, even if we have other religions or cultures, because we are all humans.

      Thank you

  3. This isn’t just a footbath. It’s another step in the support of theocratical LUNACY. Wht next, face covered completely for the women? I forgot bu gets kickbacks from these groups for it’s growing muslim studies. A joke!

  4. That’s very thoughtful, proud of Islam and how it proved its power even in the most prestigious universities!
    looking forward to being one of BU’s students <3.
    My warmest regards,

  5. While I think it’s great to accommodate the needs of people from around the world, I wonder at what cost we are doing it. I grow more and more frustrated every time I see something like this. Kids today can’t even pledge allegiance under God in the classroom but here we are building footbaths for the muslim population. Give me a break. This is disturbing.

    1. BU has given a Hillel house to the Jewish population and Marsh Chapel to Christians. Why is it such a problem to give a footbath to Muslims?

    2. I totally agree with you. God is just being shoved a little further away from the big picture in America. Disturbing indeed. Why is Christianity mocked in this country, but Heaven Forbid the Muslims should go without footbaths?

      1. It’s not in Christianity to say the pledge of allegiance… It wasn’t in the ten commandment or the bible the last time I checked. Furthermore, BU’s efforts have brought God a little bit closer because the fact of the matter is more muslims will be praying since ablution will be more convenient and they too believe in god.

        Christianity is being mocked? Are you serious? Tell me the last time something was made inconvenient for you to practice in your religion?

  6. Isn’t it ironic that the same online edition of this newsletter includes an article to examines why Mormons are reviled, especially by Evangelicals and liberals? Inclusion of both articles suggests some religions are acceptable and others are not. The basis of such acceptance (or lack thereof) seems to be political. I suspect we’ll see much more of this dynamic during the run up the general election.

    1. Had you read the article about why Mormons are “reviled” you would gained insight in to the fact that the article was pointing out misconceptions and how much of the knowledge about Mormonism is ill-formed. It was clearing the perception. HENCE, in no way was one religion being shown acceptance over another.

      1. Yeah, but the titled of the article was over the top: “Why We’re Afraid of Mormons.” Cmon. I’m Christian and have never “been afraid” of Mormons.

        1. It was meant to an informative article, with an eye-catching title. I means thats truly the only reason I read it. Neither have I, but we have all heard the misconceptions and I can say that I learned a lot, and did in no way think that the article was sending the message that Mormonism shouldn’t be accepted.

  7. Wasn’t there just an article the other day about how BU can’t find appropriate space for the Hindu students to worship without defiling their dieties by stuffing them in a closet?

    1. yes, shows you how “politically correct” BU’s administration really wants to be concerning these issues. Give the muslims what they want before they create a ruckus and do nothing for the hindus who are known to be passive anyways. Keep it classy BU.

  8. i am not a BU student, but very proud of this university. looks like there are some negative comments, but way more positive. shows you that BU did the right thing this time.

  9. to all the haters who seemed to have missed the memo: Islam is the 2nd largest and fastest growing religion in the world. how long do you think you’re going to be able to sweep it under the rug? its in yo face whether you like it or not. recognize.

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