The goal of the Aphasia Resource Center is to expand into a clinical and translational research center at Sargent College. We aspire to become the nation’s preeminent aphasia clinical research and rehabilitation center.

The goals of our research are as follows:

  • Systematically implement our previously developed assessment and rehabilitation practices to enhance the communication skills of individuals with aphasia.
  • Develop a systematic, evidence-based protocol in diagnosing and rehabilitating patients with aphasia.
  • Facilitate effective translation of research evidence into clinical practice.
  • Implement periodic and comprehensive behavioral assessments to monitor changes in communication skills among patients who attend therapy at the Center.
  • Provide the infrastructure to foster interdisciplinary clinical research collaborations with other Boston-area universities that use the Center as a recruitment site.
  • Provide an incubator for generating research ideas by junior faculty. We will support post-doctoral scholars, graduate students and visiting scientists who develop and pursue research projects that are part of the Center’s mission.
  • Disseminate and translate findings to scientists, clinicians and consumers.

If you’re interested in participating in research or have any questions about ongoing research, please contact Swathi Kiran at the Aphasia Research Lab.