In Their Own Words

Participating in the Aphasia Resource Center can be a deeply affecting, even life-changing experience. We know because patients, family members and students tell us so.  Here are some of their comments.

From a client’s letter to founder and faculty member Jerome Kaplan

“In all your weekly classes, Dave has observed that you know how to develop a positive attitude and meet the individual needs of all members. As for the monthly community group, Dave enjoys being there and has found most guest speakers helpful and interesting. The special event activities have been well planned and enjoyable. Keep up the good work.”

“Jerry, all this is a reflection of your hard work, dedication and understanding of each member.”

“Thanks for all you do, as you know you are appreciated by all.”

Our best,
Dave and Elaine

Feedback from students who have trained with us

“Interning for the Aphasia Resource Center (ARC) was a powerful growing experience for me as a student clinician. I had the opportunity to work with inspiring individuals with aphasia and related acquired disorders. The aphasia groups addressed functional communication strategies through activities of interest (e.g., newsletter, book club, film group etc.). All eight groups I participated in developed a unique style; every member’s experience and personality brought something special to the group.

“When the groups began, I remember thinking, ‘How will I be able to provide appropriate levels of assistance to each member so that I am challenging everyone?’ As the semester progressed, I learned how to multi-task, think on my feet and rely on other members for support and assistance. These are skills I have continued to rely on throughout my clinical practice.

“This internship taught me how effective and rewarding group therapy can be. My favorite memory of the ARC was being able to surprise the Community Connection Group with tickets to a Red Sox game after a semester of learning about Boston sports! I have the devoted members of the Aphasia Resource Center to thank for this unforgettable experience.” —Beth

“The ARC gave me the opportunity to think creatively and above all to be flexible! It was inspiring to see individuals with aphasia thriving with their peers. I now work in outpatient rehab, and I still pull from the group ideas and materials to frame therapy here.” —Katie

“Being a graduate student clinician in the Aphasia Resource Center was an inspiring experience. It is always so refreshing to see how supportive all the group members are of each other. The group celebrates a participant’s progress, no matter how big or small, and I feel honored to be a part of that celebration. Every week when they leave, the participants thank me for co-facilitating the group, but really, I am the one who should be thanking them for allowing me the opportunity to work with them each week. It has been a wonderful experience interacting with all the participants in the ARC.” —Robin

“The ARC provides individuals with aphasia more than just an opportunity to come together and share their interests; it is also an outlet for clients to support each other in facing the challenges of aphasia and achieving goals in communication. As an ARC clinician, I have been touched by the enthusiasm, perseverance and compassion of this community of group members.” —Mandy

“My experience with the ARC has been wonderful.  What struck me the most is the amount of support and dedication among the members of the ARC.  Members are there not only to make progress in their own personal goals but also to support and interact with each other.  As a student, I have learned so much from the clients and would recommend that every student participate in at least one ARC group while studying at BU.” —Amanda

Community Member Spotlight

Video courtesy of the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association

ARC member Tom Flynn was honored with the Leonard J. Zion Family Stroke Survivor Award. Tom is a frequent lecturer to students in Sargent College’s Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences programs.