Welcome to the Aphasia Research Laboratory at Boston University, Sargent College.

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The lab is directed by Dr. Swathi Kiran, Professor, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Sargent College. The primary goal of the lab is to understand language processing and communication following a brain damage. Research in the lab makes use of Neuroimaging, neurolinguistic, psycholinguistic and neurobehavioral tools in investigating pertinent questions related to Aphasia.

We are part of the Center for Neurobiology of Language Recovery.



If you missed our ASHA presentations, click here for our slides for “Validation of an ipad based therapy” and “Connected Health: The Next Frontier in Rehabilitation”.

Our research laboratory is part of $12 million NIH funded Center called Center for Neurobiology of Language Recovery examining the neural basis of language recovery in aphasia. Check out a recent article in Wall Street Journal about this center.


and more details about this project from Northwestern University

$12 Million for a Center for Research on Aphasia_ Northwestern University News


We are working on a new project right now, in collaboration with Constant Therapy Inc, an online health system that provides ongoing rehabilitation services to patients via iPads, and Android devises. Constant Therapy rehabilitation services currently focus on patients with communication and cognitive disorders.

Check out a description of our project at as part of a funded project with Coulter Foundation for Translational Research


The Lab is located at

Rm 326 Speech Language and Hearing Sciences
Boston University Sargent College
635 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA  02215

Phone Number: 617-353-2706

Email: aphasiaresearchlaboratory@gmail.com