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Category: The Black Scholar

52.1, Post-Soul Afro-Latinidades

Post-Soul Afro-Latinidades convenes social commentary and scholarly critiques on the post-soul aesthetic’s ideological entanglement with Afro-Latino subjectivity, expressive culture, and political thought in the US and Latin America. Historical and cultural contiguity provide the rationale for this long overdue intervention. The post-soul condition and sustained interest in Afro-Latinidad by US scholars emerged simultaneously in the […]

51.4, Going Electric

51.4, Going Electric From the introduction, “Going Electric” by Paul J. Edwards: “Dylan is not alone in producing speculative knowledge of Black trauma within circuits of white American poetics. Ezra Pound provided the only first-person account of the death of Louis Till, Emmett Till’s father. Executed by the US Army at a detention center near Pisa, […]

51.3, Antidoting

From the introduction, “Vaccines, Antidotes, Cures” “By now you must have grown tired of the easy poetics articulating racism and Covid-19 as “twin diseases” or dual pandemics; or perhaps as “mutual infections” or symbiotic viruses. Such talk has been rampant over the last year, suggesting a desire to link concurrent phenomena in the language of […]

51.2, Caribbean Global Movements

The Caribbean has always been a site of global and local interactions and transactions. These movements have played an important role in the dissemination of ideas and sharing of cultural practices from the indigenous people’s pre-Columbian experience to the contemporary Caribbean migrations and internationalization of Caribbean culture. Caribbean Global Movements, as a subject of intellectual […]

The Black Scholar – CFP on Black Archival Practice

The Black Scholar Journal: Call for papers on Black Archival Practice – Deadline May 1, 2021! Archivists and other archives workers are not attuned to how Black life is lived. As a result of this disregard for the lived experiences of Black people, the discourses of everyday Black memory work are neither legible nor affirmed […]

51.1, Black Privacy

  Black Privacy collects reflections on, provocations around, demands for, acute analyses of, and uncertain futures for Black privacy in the face of anti-Black violence, surveillance, and hypervisibility. This special issue interrogates the history of Black privacy in its impossible antebellum and Jim Crow forms, its present urgency in the face of spectacular visibility, and the […]

50.4, Black Girlhood

The Black Scholar continues to celebrate the journal’s 50th Anniversary with the release of its latest issue, Black Girlhood, which highlights the significance, challenges and beauty of Black girls. There is a growing body of scholarship on the experiences of Black girls, from their representation in the past and present to their lived experiences today. The intersectionality […]

50.3, What Was Black Studies?

Black lives matter. Black thought matters. Black writing matters. Black writing about Black lives matters. Black scholarship, criticism, and research matter. Black memory matters, Black history perhaps most of all. These words have been the credo of The Black Scholar from the apocalyptic year of 1969 to the, well, apocalyptic year of 2020. And so, […]

50.2, At the Limits of Desire: Black Radical Pleasure

At the Limits of Desire initiates The Black Scholar’s Fiftieth Anniversary celebration by engaging with Black sexuality studies in order to reimagine the field anew. Guest-editor Kirin Wachter-Grene and TBS Editor-in-Chief Louis Chude-Sokei, along with artists, scholars, pedagogues, kinksters, and sex workers alike both in and out of academia, continue the journal’s mission to cut […]

50.1, Going Imperial

Going Imperial inaugurates the fiftieth volume of The Black Scholar. The issue serves as both a testament to the journal’s longevity and a meditation on the Black intellectual tradition that serves as its raison d’être. At the center of this volume is Jeffrey C. Stewart’s The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke, winner of […]