Category: The Black Scholar

50.1, Going Imperial

Going Imperial inaugurates the fiftieth volume of The Black Scholar. The issue serves as both a testament to the journal’s longevity and a meditation on the Black intellectual tradition that serves as its raison d’être. At the center of this volume is Jeffrey C. Stewart’s The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke, winner of […]

49.4, Black Performance II: Knowing and Being

Black Performance I: Subject and Method collects research that shows how performance can act as an optic and object of study. The authors’ diverse subjects reveal resonances of the past in performance in music and movement, poetry, media, art, museums, memory, and thought. The research in Black Performance II: Knowing and Being further demonstrates the […]

49.3, Black Performance I: Subject and Method

This first of a two-part Special Issue on Black Performance samples diverse subjects and methodologies, ranging from theater and dance to art installation, music, literature, film, digital images, and social interaction. Edited by Stephanie Leigh Batiste, this issue positions Black performance as a site for solidifying the prescience and critical sharpness of Black creativity in […]

49.2, Black Masculinities and the Matter of Vulnerability

This special issue contributes to studies of Black masculinities by centering the matter of vulnerability. It expands concerns about vulnerability in black masculinities studies from more spectacular forms of violence to consider the interior lives of Black masculine subjects and more quotidian and privatized forms of violence and violation. The essays explore a range of […]

“Outcasts and Indigent Sons of Africa”: New York’s Nineteenth Century Chefs, Caterers, and Restauranteurs, by Diane M. Spivey

The culinary history of America has erased the true contribution of African Americans to American cuisine in every phase of its development, and continues to pigeonhole African American cuisine in the category of soul food, used as a type of cultural and culinary shackle. Moreover, there are numerous African American women and men who have […]

Now Available: 49.1, Black Queer and Trans* Aesthetics

This issue on Black Queer and Trans* Aesthetics is aimed at collecting avant-garde writing from Black queer trans scholars on the aesthetics of Black everyday life, Black art, and Black critical thought. The essays in this special collection are all focused on 20th and 21st century US Black art, frameworks, and aesthetics. The essay topics include archives of Black femme […]

The Black Scholar Interview with Octavia Butler

June 29, 2018 Arguably there is no African American writer who is currently as influential as the late Octavia Butler. Working from within the once-marginalized genre of science fiction and with a perspective rooted in the historical experiences of Black people and women, her visionary work has become so central to contemporary thinking on science […]