The Black Scholar

A Leading Journal of Black Studies

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1969 by Robert Chrisman and Nathan Hare, THE BLACK SCHOLAR (TBS) is one of the oldest journals of Black studies and research in the country. In TBS, academics, activists, artists, and political leaders come to grips with basic issues confronting Afro-America, the diaspora, and Africa. The journal has become a veritable who’s who of black thought, art and politics, and its contributors range from major elected officials and cultural activists to generation-defining artists, writers and musicians; in essence, from the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter, from street activism and literature to innovative scholarship and Critical Race Theory.

Now housed at Boston University’s African American Studies program, it is edited by program director Louis Chude-Sokei, who has updated, expanded and refreshed its vision. It is currently ranked as the #1 journal of Black studies in the United States.

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