CAGS in Social Studies Education

Programs in social studies education prepare educators in the disciplines of history, government/civics, geography, economics, and the other social sciences, including classroom teachers and educators who work in museums, nonprofit organizations, and informal and non-formal educational settings.

The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) program in Social Studies Education is designed for self-directed, continuous learners who have earned master’s degrees. Students in the CAGS program prepare for careers as teachers, department chairs, supervisors, curriculum developers, museum educators, and consultants.


Total Credits: 32

Core Coursework (16 cr)

  • SED RS 600 Introduction to Research (4 cr)
  • Three courses in Curriculum & Teaching (any SED courses with the prefix CT, SO, SC, ME, EN, CH, EC, SE, HE, PE, EM, CL, LS, LR, LW, BI, TL, or DE) (12 cr)

Elective Coursework (16 cr)

Students select four elective courses for a total of 16 credits. Elective coursework is chosen in consultation with the student’s academic advisor. With advisor approval, electives may include courses at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Additional Requirements

  • Fieldwork—A 60-hour supervised field experience is required only for students pursuing professional licensure. This field experience is not student teaching, and includes a curriculum, departmental, or administrative project.
  • Comprehensive Examination—CAGS candidates must file a formal application for a comprehensive examination with the program director and faculty advisor.