DScD in Periodontology

The 36-month DScD in Periodontology program is designed for students who wish to pursue an academic or research-oriented career. During the first year, the students are assigned research mentors and work with them to design a curriculum that supports their research interests. Emphasis will be put on core clinical research and statistical concepts leading to proper research design. Didactic courses are chosen from SDM postdoctoral and other Boston University course offerings. The second year will continue with both didactic courses and clinical research, and the third year is dedicated to conducting and completing research. A successful defense of an original dissertation is required.


Year 1

  • SDM OB 763 Basic Processes in Oral Biology
  • SDM OB 830 Research Writing
  • SDM PE 800 Histology & Embryology of the Periodontium
  • SDM PE 815 Periodontal Literature Review I
  • SDM PE 835 Seminar in Translational Research
  • SDM PE 860 Essential Epidemiology in Periodontal Research
  • SDM PE 861 Randomized Trial Design and Methodology in Periodontal Research
  • SDM PE 862 Fundamentals of Regression Analyses in Periodontal Research
  • SDM PE 991 Research: Periodontology
  • SDM PH 763 Bioethics and Law

Year 2

  • SDM PE 816 Periodontal Literature Review II
  • SDM PE 836 Seminar in Translational Research
  • SDM PE 992 Research: Periodontology

Year 3

  • SDM PE 837 Seminar in Translational Research
  • SDM PE 993 Research: Periodontology

Completion is not tracked by credit accumulation but by successful completion of individual courses and duration requirements.

CAGS in Periodontology/DScD in Periodontology

A limited number of candidates are accepted into a 60-month program that combines the requirements for a DScD in Periodontology with the requirements for a CAGS in Periodontology. The research project is conducted with research faculty in the Department of Periodontology. The certificate and degree are awarded upon completion of both clinical and research requirements.