Orthodontics Seminar I

SDM OR 805

A six-part course for first-year residents comprising the following seminars: OR 805.1 Orthodontic documentation: comprehensively document problems related to orofacial health and malocclusion. Case write-ups are emphasized using the American Board of Orthodontics case format. 1 cr, 1st sem., 20 hours. OR 805.3 Diagnosis & Treatment Planning: Developing basic skills in orthodontic diagnosis & treatment planning. Dr. Blau, 3 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 60 hours. OR 805.4 Zen and the Way of Orthodontics: A beginning course about discovery and contemplation. Dr. Drizen, 4 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 80 hours. OR 805.5 Orthognathic Surgery: Diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment of dentofacial deformities. Dr. Sherwood, 2 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 35 hours. OR 805.6 Removable Aligner Treatment: Developing basic skills in Invisalign. Dr. Blau, 1 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 20 hours.

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