SDM MB 653

Intensive Research Elective Course (IREC) IREC provides intensive and structured research experiences throughout the dental school curriculum for predoctoral dental students interested in careers in oral health research. The objectives are: 1) to carry out well-defined research projects under the guidance of research mentors; 2) to enhance critical thinking skills; 3) to participate in the full range of research-related activities, including scientific meetings and journal clubs; 4) to train in the design and execution of scientific studies, gain better understanding of innovative dental techniques, materials and tools, and develop analytical thinking abilities; and 5) to contribute to the discovery of new knowledge and dissemination through the scientific literature. There are three IREC options: * IREC1 - Intensive Research DMD year 1 (as part of the APEX program) (3 credits); * IREC2 - Intensive Research DMD year 2 (2 credits); * IREC3 - Intensive Research DMD year 3 (2 credits). The long-range goals of IREC are to produce better informed dental clinicians with improved eligibility for academic appointments.

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