• SDM OP 807: Preclinical Technique
    Laboratory instruction in instrumentation, development of cavity preparation, and provisional restorations. Cavities fabricated and restorative materials placed with attention to outline form, retention and resistance form, line and point angles, reestablishment of tooth morphology, occlusion contact placement, and function. 1st sem.
  • SDM OP 820: Treatment Planning Conferences
    This series of monthly seminars focuses on student presentation of their clinical cases for group review and discussion with attending faculty. Semester 1 & 2.
  • SDM OP 825: Clinical Case Conferences
    This series of seminars focuses on developing materials and treatment concepts in the application of digital technology for dental treatment. Semester 1 & 2.
  • SDM OP 830: Advanced Chairside CAD/CAM Restoration
    This series of seminars and clinical exercises develop knowledge and skills in the application of chairside CAD/CAM restorations for anterior and implant restorations. Semester 1 & 2.
  • SDM OP 835: Advanced Laboratory CAD/CAM Restoration
    This series of monthly seminars and clinical exercises develop understanding and skills in applying cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) and digital technology for the assessment, planning, and treatment with implant restorations and multiple unit fixed partial dentures. Semester 1 & 2.
  • SDM OP 911: Clinical Digital Dentistry
    Clinical participation in all phases of restorative dentistry with special emphasis on the use of digital technology to diagnose, treatment plan, and fabricate restorations and prosthodontic devices for the patient. Semester 1 & 2.
  • SDM OP 912: Clinical Operative Dentistry I
    Clinical participation in routine operative dentistry procedures. Special attention is given to diagnosis, treatment planning, and the relationship of restorative dentistry to other disciplines.
  • SDM OP 913: Clinical Operative Dentistry II
    Clinical participation in all phases of operative dentistry procedures with special emphasis on esthetics and on patients with multidisciplinary needs. Included are clinical rotations in community health centers. 3rd and 4th sem.
  • SDM OP 915: Digital Dentistry Literature Review
    This monthly series of seminars focuses on literature review of emerging digital dentistry technology and clinical techniques. Semester 1.
  • SDM OP 916: Literature Review
  • SDM OP 991: Research: Operative Dentistry
    Approved research in operative dentistry.
  • SDM OP 992: Research: Operative Dentistry
    Approved research in operative dentistry.
  • SDM OP 993: Research: Operative Dentistry
    Approved research in operative dentistry.
  • SDM OR 530: Orthodontics
    This predoctoral course discusses the diagnosis, etiology and development of malocclusions with special focus on their diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment planning. Intervention in growth problems for children and minor tooth movement for adults are included as well as an Invsalign certification course.
  • SDM OR 801: Orthodontic Fundamentals
    This seven-week course is intended to quickly acquaint new orthodontic graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the clinic. In addition to lectures, there are demonstrations, practice sessions for the clinical skills, and significant amounts of background reading. Dr. Will and faculty. 4 cr, 1st summer, 80 hours
  • SDM OR 802: Introduction to Biomechanics and Wirebending
    The course introduces the residents to mechanical principles and their applications in orthodontic tooth movement and dentofacial orthopedics. It also familiarizes them with the properties and applications of different types of bracket materials commonly used in orthodontic practice. There is a practical component to the course that develops wire bending skills and teaches the residents how to place brackets on model teeth and apply some of the concepts they were introduced to in the lectures. Dr. Briss and Dr. Parsi. 2 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 30 hours.
  • SDM OR 803: Clinical Growth and Development
    This course discusses clinical aspects of craniofacial growth and development for the orthodontist. Topics include normal craniofacial growth, psychosocial development, growth modification during orthodontic treatment, and clefts and craniofacial anomalies. Dr. Motro. 2 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 25 hours.
  • SDM OR 805: Orthodontics Seminar I
    A six-part course for first-year residents comprising the following seminars: OR 805.1 Orthodontic documentation: comprehensively document problems related to orofacial health and malocclusion. Case write-ups are emphasized using the American Board of Orthodontics case format. 1 cr, 1st sem., 20 hours. OR 805.3 Diagnosis & Treatment Planning: Developing basic skills in orthodontic diagnosis & treatment planning. Dr. Blau, 3 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 60 hours. OR 805.4 Zen and the Way of Orthodontics: A beginning course about discovery and contemplation. Dr. Drizen, 4 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 80 hours. OR 805.5 Orthognathic Surgery: Diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment of dentofacial deformities. Dr. Sherwood, 2 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 35 hours. OR 805.6 Removable Aligner Treatment: Developing basic skills in Invisalign. Dr. Blau, 1 cr, 1st and 2nd sem., 20 hours.
  • SDM OR 807: Biologic Foundation of Orthodontics
    This course provides the biologic background for common clinical problems and techniques encountered in orthodontics. Topics include a comprehensive discussion of bone biology, biology of tooth movement and acceleration techniques, dental development, implant biology, root resorption, and craniofacial genetics. Lectures are supplemented with discussions of the literature. Drs. Motro, Will and guest speakers, 1 cr, 3rd sem., 12 hours
  • SDM OR 811: Orthodontic Clinical Practice
    Supervised orthodontic clinical practice in the outpatient orthodontic clinic. 15 cr, 1st through 2nd sem.