Naval Science

The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) programs, through instruction in various subjects in naval science and exposure to operating elements of the Navy and Marine Corps, provide young men and women with a number of paths leading to commissions in either of these services. Selected students qualify for varying amounts of financial assistance. Upon completion of both the Boston University degree requirements and the NROTC program requirements, graduates will have the opportunity to serve aboard surface combatant ships, nuclear submarines, as an aviator in Naval Aviation, or as an officer with the Marine Corps.

NROTC has two basic programs. One, the Scholarship Program, provides for payment of full tuition, mandatory fees, a book stipend, and a monthly stipend for four, three, or two years of instruction at Boston University, depending on entry point. These scholarships are granted as a result of an annual nationwide competition. Applicants for the four-year scholarships should apply online at the beginning of the summer between junior and senior year of high school; college applicants may apply online in the fall of their sophomore year for the three-year scholarship.

The College Program provides students with naval science texts, uniforms, and a monthly stipend during the last two academic years. Full-tuition three- or two-year scholarships may be awarded to selected applicants who have been active in the (nonscholarship) College Program. Students interested in the College Program should apply through the Department of Naval Science before or during their freshman year and no later than the fall of their sophomore year.

All NROTC programs require some amount of professional training, depending on the program and time of entry. This training occurs during the summer (cruises) with the operating forces of the Navy and/or Marine Corps. Normally, there are three cruises of four weeks each for Scholarship Program students, and one cruise of four weeks for College Program students. Upon completion, students will be obligated to serve as officers in the Navy for five years or Marine Corps for four years. Students selected for the Naval Aviation program incur an additional commitment.

Eligibility Requirements for NROTC

A student must be:

  • a citizen of the United States
  • not more than 27 years of age by December 31 of the year of their college graduation
  • physically qualified (not asthmatic or color-blind)
  • medically qualified by Navy or Marine Corps standards
  • enrolled in a program leading to a bachelor’s degree

Application Procedure

Inquiries regarding the program should be addressed to the Battalion Recruiting Officer, NROTC Unit, Boston University, 116 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215; Recruiting Officer: 617-353-0474; Main: 617-353-4232.

ROTC Room and Board Grant

A limited number of scholarships for the cost of on-campus room and board are available to full-tuition ROTC recipients living in a University residence on the Charles River Campus. Room and board grants are awarded on the basis of academic performance and potential. The grants are all renewable for three years of undergraduate enrollment. Information on the grants is available from the Department of Naval Science at the number listed above.