International Information Reporting and Withholding

LAW TX 919

International information reporting and withholding are the future of tax work. They are a source of revenue for the IRS through penalties and a source of anxiety for many tax practitioners, especially with the expanded reporting requirements newly enacted as part of the TCJA. A strong grounding in international information compliance and withholding transactions can benefit every practitioner from the estate planner to the corporate tax advisor. This course will cover the reporting requirements for US taxpayers who hold non-US assets, and the withholding requirements when US payors make payments to non-US persons. Students will become familiar with the various forms associated with different assets, such as the Foreign Bank Account Report ("FBAR") which is used to report foreign assets. We will cover how and when to file, the basics of how to prepare the form, and the penalties for noncompliance. The course will comprehensively cover informational reporting forms to report all foreign assets including closely held business interests, foreign trusts, and the receipt of gifts from non-US persons. We will discuss how the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA") created a worldwide network of information about non-US assets, and what individuals and fiduciaries need to know to remain compliant. Finally, in addition to covering the reporting associated with non-US ties, we will discuss withholding under Chapter 3 of the Internal Revenue Code and identify when and how to withhold US tax from payments to non-US entities and non-US persons.

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