Introduction to Jewish Law

LAW JD 730

This course shall serve as an introduction to the literature, history, and dynamic processes of Jewish Law. This survey will be grounded in particular studies of such topics as jurisprudence (legal testimony; self-incrimination; dissent), civil law (voting rights; inheritance), criminal law (capital punishment); war crimes and genocide; family law (marriage; divorce); and gender and sexuality, among others. Throughout the course, we will consider concepts of authority, power, and enforcement in Jewish law -- during times of self-governance, subjugation, and crisis (e.g., Holocaust). We will also examine how Jewish Law impacts legal culture and judicial decisions in the modern State of Israel. Comparative legal studies will also help bring further perspective to our introduction to Jewish Law. All readings will be in English and no prior knowledge of Jewish Law is necessary. UPPER-CLASS WRITING REQUIREMENT: A limited number of students may use this class to satisfy the requirement.

SPRG 2024 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Hauer LAW 204 TR 8:30 am-9:55 am Stamped Approval

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