RIL in Honors Thesis or Directed Study

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All of the undergraduate schools and colleges at BU offer courses that fulfill BU Hub units. For a listing of these courses offered by a particular school or college, please visit the Bulletin section for that school or college. For a complete listing of all courses that carry Hub units, please visit the BU Hub website. For curated lists of Hub courses that focus on interdisciplinary themes of global significance, please view the BU Hub Pathways for Social & Racial Justice and for Environment & Society. For a listing of Hub courses in BU Study Abroad programs, please visit the BU Study Abroad website.

In addition to courses offered in the schools and colleges, there are other experiences that carry Hub units and have “HUB” as the college code, including the Cross-College Challenge (XCC), the Hub Social & Racial Justice course sequence, Hub cocurriculars, and Hub Study Abroad experiences. These offerings are listed below and reflect the Hub units fulfilled by them in the 2023/2024 academic year.

  • HUB RL 401: Research and Information Literacy (RIL) in Honors Thesis/Directed Study
    Undergraduate Corequisites: Must be concurrently enrolled in an Honors Thesis or Directed Study course with a faculty mentor.
    0-credit course that is taken concurrently with an honors thesis or directed study project course in order to earn a Hub requirement in Research and Information Literacy (RIL). Effective Spring 2023, this course fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: Research and Information Literacy.
    • Research and Information Literacy