Cocurricular Learning Experiences

The Value and Impact of Experiential Learning

For many BU students, experiential learning can be as important to their education as coursework. The BU Hub recognizes the value and impact of learning that happens outside of classroom settings by offering students opportunities to participate in cocurricular learning experiences that combine activities, assignments, and reflection. In this innovative part of the Hub, students can take part in cocurricular activities while fulfilling a Hub requirement.

The Hub Cocurricular Learning Experience

Cocurricular learning experiences approved for the Hub follow specific guidelines. Preapproved cocurriculars have the following attributes:

  • Involve 6 hours of activity per week, or approximately 4 hours of activities, discussion, and mentoring and 2 hours of preparation, reading, and reflection
  • Are led by BU staff and faculty
  • Produce tangible work, including a significant, culminating reflection on the experience
  • May include opportunities to discuss the cocurricular experience with the BU community and to publicly display related projects, artistic productions, and reflections

Cocurriculars and the Hub

Participation in a Hub cocurricular learning experience is optional. Students can choose to fulfill 1 Hub unit through a preapproved cocurricular experience, rather than coursework.

Hub cocurriculars are 0-credit, ungraded learning experiences that appear on a student’s transcript. If a student successfully completes the required activities and assignments for a preapproved cocurricular learning experience, he or she will earn the Hub unit associated with that experience.

Cocurricular experiences focus on particular areas of the Hub, including The Individual in Community, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy, Teamwork/Collaboration, Creativity/Innovation, and others.

Students can register for Hub cocurriculars on the Student Link as they would for a class.  Course numbers for Hub cocurriculars begin with “HUB CC.”

If you wish to learn more about Hub cocurriculars or have specific questions about them, please email

Hub Cocurriculars for 2019-20

The BU Hub is currently developing a variety of cocurricular learning experiences for students with offices, programs, schools, and colleges from across BU.

Note: Additional Hub cocurriculars are being added throughout the year, so please continue to check back to view updated cocurricular offerings for the 2019-20 academic year.

Below is a current list of preapproved cocurricular experiences: