Live Graduate Certificate Program

Clinical investigation is the fastest growing discipline in the burgeoning medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Keeping pace with the ever-increasing body of knowledge and new regulatory procedures generated by advances in clinical research is critical to career success.

The Boston University “Live” Graduate Certificate in Clinical Investigation, designed and offered by the Boston University School of Medicine, is an opportunity for clinical researchers, health professionals, and those interested in clinical research to gain a critical understanding of the scientific fundamentals of human research. Courses in the curriculum provide an in-depth look at a number of the key elements in clinical investigation, including: trial design and conduct, clinical research regulations, good clinical practices of research, and the critical evaluation of clinical research in the medical literature. Students in the live graduate certificate program will take courses on the Medical Campus with students who are in the master’s degree program in Clinical Investigation.

Upon completion, students will have developed essential skills and understanding involving the elements and importance of good clinical research design, implementation, and practices. Clinical and health professionals of all varieties—including physicians; research nurses; study coordinators; managers in clinical research and site management; and professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries as well as CRO and SMO organizations—will benefit from this opportunity to:

  • Earn a graduate certificate from Boston University’s School of Medicine, a leading research institution
  • Complete a valuable professional credential in just two to four semesters of study
  • Apply a portion of the credits earned toward a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI)
  • Increase skills and knowledge in clinical investigation
  • Qualify to sit for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) Clinical Research Coordinator exam

Program Requirements

The “live” certificate program consists of four courses:

  • GMS CI 675 Designing Clinical Research Studies (Fall, 4 cr)
    SPH BS 722 Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (Fall and Spring, 4 cr)
  • GMS CI 640 Regulatory and Compliance Issues (Fall, 4 cr)
  • GMS CI 790 Seminar in Clinical Investigation (Spring, 2 cr)
  • GMS CI 660 Good Clinical Practices in Clinical Research (Summer II, 4 cr)

Tuition and Fees

  • Cost by credit hour: $1,537/credit hour
  • Program fee: $150/semester