• PDP NT 102: Nutrition Essentials
    Just as every person is unique, every person's healthy diet must also be unique. In this course students will learn the fundamentals of nutrition and be guided through an assessment of their individual nutritional needs. Participants will develop skills and strategies to apply course concepts to their day-to-day lives and work toward their personal health and nutrition goals. Emphasis will be placed on separating nutrition fact from fiction and examining products and marketing with a critical eye. Skills and strategies for meal planning, dining out, food shopping, and recipe modification will be introduced through interactive sessions and cooking demonstrations. This class is for non-nutrition majors only.
  • PDP NT 104: Healthy Cooking on a Budget
    If healthy eating was simple, affordable, and delicious, everyone would do it! How do you plan balanced meals and snacks without breaking the bank? Step 1: Understand your unique nutrition needs and the health-promoting foods that will help you meet them. Step 2: Perfect the skills and strategies for stocking a healthy kitchen, modifying favorite recipes, and basic cooking by participating in a series of interactive sessions. The end result: You will be well on your way to a lifetime of true "value meals" This class is for non-nutrition majors only.