Undeclared Program

Sargent College offers an undeclared option for students who are interested in studying health and rehabilitation sciences but have not yet developed a specific career goal. During the first two years at Sargent College, these students learn about opportunities in all of the health and rehabilitation science professions. Undeclared majors enroll in the same introductory science and liberal arts classes as the Sargent College students with declared majors. Students must meet all the prerequisite course and GPA requirements of their intended major and are expected to declare a major by the end of their sophomore year.


Students who enter Sargent College with an undeclared major follow a curriculum that provides a sound foundation in the sciences and liberal arts. In consultation with an advisor, students design a curriculum that prepares them to enter their chosen major. If a student is considering several options, the curriculum is flexible enough to accommodate different possible choices.

Sargent College students will select courses from the following programs:

  • Behavior and Health BS
  • Health Science BS
  • Human Physiology BS
  • Nutrition/Dietetics/Nutrition and Health BS
  • Physical Therapy BS/DPT
  • Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences BS, Linguistics/SLHS BS

Elective requirements vary by intended major.