Minor in Systems Engineering

Robotics, sensor networks, automation, electrical grids, biological models, control systems.

Requirements for a Minor in Systems Engineering

A minor in Systems Engineering can be earned through completion of 20 credits selected from the list below. Only one of the courses in the two lists marked by asterisks (*) can be taken for credit (see note at bottom of sheet).

  • Some 500-level & 700 level Systems Engineering courses can be used by petition.
  • ENG EC 381 Probability Theory in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • *ENG EC 401 Signals and Systems
  • *ENG BE 401 Signals and Systems in Biomedical Engineering
  • *ENG EC 402 Control Systems
  • *ENG BE 402 Control Systems in Biomedical Engineering
  • *ENG ME 404 Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems
  • ENG EC 330 Applied Algorithms for Engineers
  • ENG EC 415 Communication Systems
  • ENG EC 441 Introduction to Computer Networking
  • ENG ME 411 Operations Research
  • ENG ME 420 Supply Chain Engineering
  1. No more than 8 credits can be used to satisfy the student’s major degree credit requirements.
  2. Students are expected to obtain necessary background (prerequisites or equivalents) to complete their chosen minor program.
  3. Students must have a declared major on record in order to apply for the Minor in Systems Engineering.
  4. The grade point average (GPA) of the courses (20 credits) used for the minor must be 2.0 or greater for the minor to be awarded.
  5. Applications for the Minor in Systems Engineering must be approved by the Minor Coordinator of the Division of Systems Engineering.
  6. Students planning to pursue a minor in Systems Engineering should apply as early as possible to facilitate course planning, and in no case later than October 1 of the senior year.

Note: The following courses overlap too much for credit to be given for more than 1 course in each of a-c below. However, these courses can be used to satisfy minor requirements subject to the 8 credit double limit count. Students are required to complete the course appropriate to their major.

  • Probability: ENG EC 381, ENG ME 366, ENG BE 200
  • Signals: ENG EC 401, ENG BE 401
  • Control: ENG BE 402, ENG EC 402 or ENG ME 404