Minor in Journalism

Students must take 28 credits toward the Journalism minor including the prerequisite of COM CO 201, the principal writing course in the College of Communication, with a minimum grade of C. Two other requirements include COM JO 150, a core history course in Journalism, and COM JO 200, the first basic newswriting course in the sequence. The remaining 16 credits would be fulfilled by taking a combination of JO courses related to writing, reporting, editing, production, visual storytelling, and studies of the free press. These electives must be at the 200 level or higher.

All other courses must be taken with a C– or higher in order to count toward the minor. Please see the curriculum below.


  • COM CO 201 Introduction to Communication Writing (C or higher) (prereq: CAS WR 120 or transfer equivalent WR 13X)

Required Coursework

(8 credits)

  • COM JO 150 History and Principles of Journalism
  • COM JO 200 Newswriting (prereq: COM CO 201)

Elective Coursework

(16 credits)

Students choose 16 credits of Journalism courses at the 200 level or higher. These courses can be taken in a particular pathway, such as writing, reporting, data, etc. They could also be taken from multiple disciplines for a broader exploration of the department.