Minor in Printmaking

The minor in Printmaking is designed for School of Visual Arts students who desire a strong grounding in the print and book arts. Students will gain experience and exposure to a variety of printmaking art forms and techniques.

Required Courses

The minor consists of 20 credits of printmaking elective art courses. Any printmaking or book arts course offered by the School of Visual Arts may count toward the Printmaking minor.

Courses include:

  • CFA AR 250 or AR 251 Introduction to Printmaking (4 cr and 2 cr, respectively)
  • CFA AR 270 Bookmaking Techniques (2 cr)
  • CFA AR 425 The Artist and the Book (4 cr)
  • CFA AR 447 Printmaking: Etching/Monotype (4 cr)
  • CFA AR 448 Printmaking: Litho/Relief (4 cr)
  • CFA AR 450 The Art of the Multiple (2 cr)
  • CFA AR 451 & 452 Printmaking: Advanced Projects (4 cr)
  • CFA AR 517 Ink & Pixel: Digital Print (4 cr)
  • CFA AR 518 Silkscreen (4 cr)

A grade of C or better must be received in all courses taken toward this minor. With advisor approval, one transfer course or 4 transfer credits may be used to fulfill the minor requirements. Students with questions about the Printmaking minor may contact Brendan Hoey.