BFA in Art Education

This major provides students with the opportunity to become skilled artists as well as to prepare for teaching art in pre-K–12 settings. Studio, education, and liberal arts courses are required study. In addition to the academic requirements, students complete two 300-hour practicums in the field with an Art Education Department-approved mentor. One field placement at the elementary level and one secondary placement when successfully completed meets the Massachusetts Department of Education requirement for the initial Visual Arts teaching license. In addition to formal placements, students are encouraged to complete fieldwork in art classes in area schools.

Art Education Program of Study

The BFA requires 132 semester credits.

Art Education
Prerequisites to Elect the Art Education Major (42 prerequisite credits total):
CFA AR 131, 132 Drawing I (first two freshman semesters) 8 cr
Additional Drawing (1) and Printmaking (1) electives 8 cr
CFA AR 261 Intro to Art Education 2 cr
CFA AR 141, 241, 242 Foundation Painting, Painting II or III (minimum two semesters) 8 cr
CFA AR 121 Foundation Sculpture 4 cr
CAS AH 111, 112 History of Art & Architecture (minimum two semesters) 8 cr
CAS WR 100 Freshman Writing 4 cr
Additional Requirements to Complete the BFA in Art Education (56 credits total):
The following courses are needed to meet state licensing requirements.
Design or Technology Course 4 cr
CAS PS 101 General Psychology 4 cr
CFA AR 586 Child Growth and Development in Art Education 4 cr
CFA AR 470 Ceramics I 4 cr
Photography Course 4 cr
CFA AR 566 Processes and Structures 4 cr
CFA AR 361, 362 Elementary and Secondary Methods in Art Education 8 cr
CFA AR 567 Teaching Art to Special Populations 2 cr
CFA AR 559 Contemporary Issues in Art Education 2 cr
CFA AR 563, 564 Practicum Seminars Pre-K–8 and 5–12 (2 cr each) 4 cr
CFA AR 365 Practicum Pre-K–8 4 cr
CFA AR 366 Practicum 5–12 4 cr
CFA AR 468 Pre-K–12 Visual Arts Curriculum Design and Writing 4 cr
History of Art & Architecture elective 4 cr
Electives (34 credits total):
Sciences | Social Sciences | History 8 cr
Language | Literature | Philosophy 8 cr
Additional liberal arts electives 12 cr
Additional studio or general electives 6 cr
132 cr