Fine Arts

  • CFA FA 100: Doing, Making & Knowing: The CFA Experience
    Through collaborative projects, visiting artists and inspiring conversations, the course is an experiential and comprehensive introduction to the full scope of artistic endeavors housed within the College of Fine Arts. The following will be explored: When did I, the practitioner, embrace the experience of joy as an individual and as an artist? How do I, the practitioner, fit within the community of the arts? How do different disciplines of the arts think and respond? How do we collectively as artists observe, listen and physically respond? How do we collaborate and integrate our artistic voice. Effective Fall 2019, this course fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: Philosophical Inquiry and Life's Meanings.
    • Philosophical Inquiry and Life's Meanings
  • CFA FA 510: Art Leaders Forum
    The "Art Leaders Forum" is a collective enterprise of critical inquiry, reflection and open discussion about what it means to lead as an artist now. The implications of assuming leadership are vast----vision, exertion, generosity, intelligence, precision, responsibility, compassion ... Furthermore, to lead cannot mean to ignore the complex reality we live in as a society: Inequity, social disparities, structural racism and discrimination are not undesired mistakes, but structural aspects of the world we live in. In other words, the way our society defines what is "leadership" and "who should lead" has the power to perpetuate, or for the same matter, dismantle these issues. Our collective inquiry and discussion will inevitably deal with this pressing reality. A group of global art leaders, activists and entrepreneurs from across the globe will join the forum to illustrate, enrich and guide this discussion. The "Art Leaders Forum" is a co-creation process in need of every voice and every view that engages in it. Tourism is not an option here: taking part in the forum clearly demands something of each of us----to fully listen and to dare to be heard; to be seen and to see others and their reality. To support and enhance such demanding work the course will introduce notions of mindfulness, entrepreneurship, active listening, embodiment and non-violent communication, at the time that will study and explore different models of leadership, activism, community and social impact in the arts.
  • CFA FA 520: Career Development in the Arts
    A blend of self-exploration and business skills that encourages arts leaders to "think like an entrepreneur" in defining their career and personal brand. Develop entrepreneurial skills like branding, networking, marketing, and budgeting. Learn financial basics, tools, and analysis. Apply quantitative reasoning skills to make informed decisions, and oral communication skills to be more persuasive and understood in everyday life. Students will apply these skills to all personal endeavors, from landing a dream job to building your own brand. Effective Spring 2020, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Quantitative Reasoning I, Oral and/or Signed Communication.
    • Quantitative Reasoning I
    • Oral and/or Signed Communication
  • CFA FA 530: Collaborative Arts Incubator
    The Collaborative Arts Incubator is a hands-on studio experience and a cross-disciplinary course that offers students within CFA and BU the opportunity to work together on innovative, creative projects. Students work in groups drawing from their own disciplines and are encouraged to venture into unfamiliar creative territories. Students engage in active collaboration, critical thinking and peer interaction with at-risk populations in the surrounding community. The social justice component is a significant element of the course.
  • CFA FA 540: Arts and Culture in Mexico: Revolution to the Present
    The density of Mexican cultural productions, allows a unique understanding of its history and current events through the exploration of artistic works. In this multidisciplinary course students will be exposed to art works in all disciplines, focusing on major artistic creators but also open to popular culture; the great muralists and street artists, film masterpieces and telenovelas, the symphonic music of Chavez and Revueltas, the collaboration of Mexican and foreign artist in concert music, film, but also in the integration of rock bands like Molotov. Cultural history and cultural studies will provide the critical tools for analysis and contextualization. The class will also look into artists interaction with power, the creation of cultural policies and institutions. 4cr
  • CFA FA 550: Arts Internship
    Designed to allow sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the Arts Leadership Minor to receive course credit while working in a professional setting. Internships provide exposure to a workplace environment and offer the opportunity to use creative problem solving skills. Effective Fall 2019, this course fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub areas: The Individual in Community, Digital/Multimedia Expression.
    • The Individual in Community
    • Digital/Multimedia Expression