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BU on Tap dedicates Sunday show to Tori Rubino


BU on Tap hosted its 10th annual Mass Rhythms Spring Show this weekend, and members of the group dedicated the performance to Victoria “Tori” Rubino (COM’09), a friend and fellow BU on Tap member. Rubino, who had previously been the group’s vice president, passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago.

BU on Tap’s eight members were joined for the show by the BU dancing groups Vibes, Edge, Step About Boston, and Future Phunk.

Rubino loved hip-hop dancing, her friends say, and to honor her, BU on Tap performed a dance Rubino choreographed to the song “I Wish,” by Stevie Wonder. The show also featured a slide show in memory of Rubino.

“Every moment with Tori was amazing,” says Jaimee DiMarco (CAS’10, SED’10), a friend and fellow dancer. “She was proud to be a member of BU on Tap and rocked every performance. She loved tap dancing, and it was great to watch her.”


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