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Members of BUSM 2019 recite The Hippocratic Oath at the School’s annual White Coat Ceremony Aug 3, 2015. The group comprises 180 students selected from a pool of 10,929 applicants. Academically, it is one of the most accomplished classes yet; 28 students hold a graduate degree at the Masters level or above, and several have more than one graduate degree. The entering class also is one of the most diverse in BUSM’s history, representing 36 states, 17 countries. As a group, they speak 27 different languages; 148 students speak more than one language.  Photo by Cydney Scott

White Coat Ceremony

Carl Lebovitz (SAR'16) (right) tests the length of Carlos Morales' (SAR'16) hip flexors in a Physical Therapy Examination lab class. Photo by Esther Ro (COM'15)

PT Lab

Emily Lough (ENG,PhD'16) works on her moves during FitRec's aerial silks class July 20, 2015.   Photo by Cydney Scott

Aerial Silks

Matthew, 14, from left, and Salah, 14, react when Matthew's robot goes a little haywire during ENG's U-Design Robo-Alley, a robotics and real-world, text-based coding in C++ language course for kids in grades 6-9 July 16, 2015. Looking on is Aaron, age 11. The students' last names have been excluded by request of the camp. Photo by Cydney Scott


Emily Goodrich (from left), Maria del Carmen Rodriguez Garrido, Chloe Johnson, Colette Chien The BU Reach Summer Apprenticeship Program 25th Anniversary Performance showcased many different types of dance, including ballet, hip hop, Latin, jazz and modern.

Reaching High

At Marathon beach in Cambridge, Flight School student Martin Brunswick, 13, of Dorchester takes his turn during a bottle rocket launching session as part of U-Design, a science and engineering program through ENG for kids in grades 6 through 9. According to Gretchen E. Fougere, PhD, Associate Dean of Outreach & Diversity, 21% of participants received scholarships from College or Genzyme, 30% are female.  Photo by Cydney Scott

Lift Off!

Mehar Maju (CAS 17) and high school student, Diana Callejas laugh at the sound of chocolate in a blender during a nanotechnology lab at SED on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Mehar is an instructor at Upward Bound, a college preparatory program for potential first-generation college and low-income Boston Public High School students.   Photo By Jackie Ricciardi

Upward Bound

Boston University's summer camp Swimsport which includes sailing on the Charles River.

Summer Sailing

Second Year Launch – an afternoon of workshops on procedures, simulation, and wellness activities – on the afternoon before the beginning of the second year curriculum.

2nd Year Launch

Prakalya Chandrasekar (left) teaches Cathy how to use smartphone apps through Teens Teaching Technology, a program in the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences in Sargent College that provides ongoing rehabilitation to services to aphasia patients.

Teens Teaching Technology