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Bruce Bucci leads his students Lydia Stinson (CAS'15), from left, Pryanka Shah (CAS'17),  Julia Spielman of Clark University, and Shannen Donovan of Mount Holyoke in a learning game during American Sign Language 1 course at SED May 21, 2015.

Sign It

Lan Sun (COM'17) focuses on her value scale painting during Eka Maraneli's Intro to Painting course

Intro to Painting

Harrison Grant Meacham (CFA '15) hugs Jeray Thelwell (ENG '15) after meeting up on the way to line up for Commencement. Photo by Kristyn Ulanday

Hugging It Out

Truman Boyes (COM '15) (left) with friend Craig Howard (SMG '15) who is hoping his resume board will land him a job. Photo by Dave Green

Help Me Get Hired?

Meredith Vieira delivering Boston University Commencement address May 2015

Be The Left Shark

United States Senator from Massachusetts, Ed Markey gives speaks at the School of Law Convocation at Agganis Arena

Senator Markey

2015 Boston University Commencement at Nickerson Field on May 17, 2014. Photo by Kristyn Ulanday

Commencement 2015

Preparations for graduation continue at Nickerson Field with some clearing of the bleachers on May 13, 2015.  Photo by Cydney Scott

Clearing the Way

Mike McAleer of BU's facilities crew beautifies Nickerson Field for Sunday's commencement  on May 13, 2015.

Preparing Nickerson

Soon-to-be-graduates Anna Stathopoulos (COM'15), left, and Carolyn Ireland (SED'15) soak up some rays as commencement preparations continue on Nickerson Field May 12, 2015.

Field Prep

Isabell Whiteley (CAS'15) takes on slacklining in front of the Metcalf Science Center May 6, 2015 while her friends Anthony Aguayza (CAS'15) from left, Jared Brill (COM'18) Katie Lefton (CAS'16) and Kota Weaver who works at Photonics look on. The group met while rock wall climbing. Photo by Cydney Scott


Kelly Demeo (CAS 16) works with O'Bryant School of Mathematics & Science students during a glow stick lab on Friday, May 1, 2015. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

Chemistry Day

Four month old french bulldog Larigi bravely investigates a suspicious moving board with wheels during a visit to BU Beach May 6, 2015 with her owner Oda Randmael (Questrom'15). Photo by Cydney Scott

Puppy Play

Elisabeth McNeil (SAR'16) (left) and Hannah Kwak (SHA'18) Asian American Christian Fellowship encourages students to take a study break with free hot drinks and cookies in front of Mugar from 9 pm - 1 am during finals week. May 4, 2015. Photo by Esther Ro (COM'15)

Finals Fuel

As the line grows near the COM lawn, Assistant Dean John Battaglino hands out free ice cream courtesy of President Robert A Brown May 4, 2015. Two ice cream trucks travelled the campus, tweeting their locations, and treating those who could find them.

I Scream, You Scream

Sue Choi (SHA'15) (from left), Grace Shin (COM'15), Mary Yi (SED'15) perform a traditional fan dance. Korean Student Association Culture Show "Doctor Nugu?" Tsai Performance Center April 26, 2015

Korean Student Association Performance

Jorge Marquinhos begins the annual task of planting new flowers all across campus. Photo by Esther Ro (COM'15)

Spring Flowers

Flowers bloom outside of Questrom, April 29, 2015 Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

Campus Blooms

Zamana Dheem

Zamana Dheem

Asma Inam (SAR 15) reacts to missing a hole in one as Jessica Liao (CAS 16), Noah Liu (CAS 17) and Alan Tang (QUESTROM 15) looks on during a mini golf game at Fit Rec on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

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