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Blau and Burak release “Writing in the Works””

COM faculty Kathryn Burak and Susan Blau have released Writing in the Works.

Susan Blau, an associate professor at the College of Communication who directs COM’s Writing Program and the COM Writing Center, and Kathryn Burak, a COM preceptor who has taught at the college since 1990, recently penned a new textbook, Writing in the Works. It is based on a COM course they teach, Introduction to Communication Writing, which instructs undergraduates on writing techniques in a variety of forms, including nonfiction, feature stories, and film reviews.

Burak says that she and Blau spent several years writing and shopping around Writing in the Works, whose recent publication provides a lesson in perseverance. “The process of writing and finding an audience sometimes seems like a wild ride,” she says. “I always tell my students to take rejection seriously. It means you have to work harder. It doesn’t mean you give up.”