The Computer Graphics Lab and associated Deep Vision Display Wall are no longer operating.

The Computer Graphics Lab houses a Display Wall as well as several high performance Linux and Windows workstations listed below.

  • 64 bit BU Linux (monde)
    • pen
      8 cores, 16 GB memory, dual Nvidia Quadro FX1700
    • ink
      8 cores, 16 GB memory, dual Nvidia Quadro FX1700
    • clay
      8 cores, 7 GB memory, Nvidia Quadro FX1700
  • 64 bit Microsoft Windows 7
    • tripod
      12 cores, 24 GB memory, Nvidia Quadro 600
  • 32 bit Microsoft Windows XP
    • oil
      p4, 2 GB memory, Nvidia Quadro FX1100

The Computer Graphics Lab is open 9-5 Monday – Friday for those people with card key access. If you would like to use the lab and don’t have a card key, please contact Laura Giannitrapani (, (617) 353-8269).

These facilities are available for faculty, graduate students, and students in courses or doing research who need the specialized capabilities of the Lab.