Create a Project

Any member of the Boston University faculty who requires computing resources for their research may create a Research Computing Project on the Shared Computing Cluster (SCC). As a Lead Project Investigator (LPI) of a project you will be responsible for authorizing individual user accounts (for collaborators both within and outside BU), monitoring usage, requesting resources, and filing annual renewals.

Faculty members may create and maintain as many Projects as they need in order to conveniently manage their research activities. This can include creating a separate project to support the work of one or more graduate students, even if that work is different from the faculty member’s own research.

Optional IT/Administrative Contact

LPIs may specify an IT/Administrative Contact to assist with or oversee the management of the project on their behalf. The IT/Administrative Contact has all of the same privileges as the LPI. They will receive an account on the SCC.  LPIs may specify the optional IT/Administrative Contact either on the Project Request form or at a future date on the Add an IT/administrative contact to your Project form found on the RCS Project Management web site.

Your Account

When your project is created, you will receive an account on the SCC and will be sent email with instructions for getting started. With your BU login and Kerberos password you will be able to log in to the SCC and also manage your project with the web forms.

Additional help

All project and account management is done via the Web. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send email to or call Aaron Fuegi at 617-353-8255.