Quick Start

Available to: Departments

Cost: See cost details, below.

IS&T has negotiated an Enterprise license for digital signage software provided by Visix, Inc. Digital signage can be used in lobby or entry areas to share college or campus news. Deliver important announcements, display greetings, updates and schedules, including emergency announcements.


Get your visual message out to the BU Community.

Key Features

  • Deliver important announcements as they happen.
  • Post current event schedules and special events.
  • Deliver instant emergency announcements.
  • Announce changes to course schedules.
  • Personalize visitor greetings, welcome notices, and guest announcements.
  • Advertise bookstore, café, or other campus shop offerings.
  • Broadcast educational programs or remote lectures.
  • Post administrative announcements and registration schedules.
  • Advertise volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs.
  • Share live weather, traffic, stock and sports information.


Each site will need a flat panel display and either a Visix Channel Player or a local computer with Visix Player software installed. You will need to set up a login account to gain access to the software for your signage deployment.


No licensing fees are passed on to the Departments.

Display equipment costs will vary according to display installation needs, Visix Channel Player, set-up and implementation.

Getting Started

  • Contact the IT Help Center online or at 353-HELP (4357).
  • View information and sign up for a number of free, live, web-based courses that will help you learn to take full advantage of Visix digital signage.